Toy Truck Deals For Kids Age 8 and Under

Toy Trucks For Kids

Every kid loves trucks! I had trucks when I was a child and I drove them in the dirt, mud, water, snow and anything else I could find. I always had fun. I liked hauling dirt and gravel. It felt like I was doing something that I had to achieve. Let your kids feel good this New Year. Get them a Toy Truck that is now on sale.


Product Description

What a great accessory to any playmags set. Now kids can build cars, trucks, buses, and anything with wheels by adding these magnetic wheel bases.

These cars are designed with safety in mind. wheels will never pop off making it safe for any household with little kids around. Also great for kids playgroups.

This toy offers hours and hours of fun – children can build various projects and let their imagination go wild with ideas. Create cars, trucks, buses, trains and so much more.

Does your kid love Lego’s? You said “Yes”, then I have what you want.

Lego Duplo Garbage Truck



Product Description

Learn about recycling with the big LEGO® DUPLO Garbage Truck! Help the big Garbage Truck to haul all of the recycling away! Load up the garbage can, tip it into the truck with the cool tipping function then collect more recyclables to help keep the town green! Watch out for the dog who loves to chase the Garbage Truck down the street! Includes garbage man LEGO® DUPLO® figure.

Now isn’t this cool or what!? We all have liked Lego’s at one time in our life. Now we need to change from cool to learning. Don’t worry it is still great. How about a truck that pulls the alphabet. It would be great to have for a young child, around age of 1 or 2, to help the learn their ABC’s.

Melissa & Doug Alphabet Truck


Product Description

This wooden truck play set is rolling into town with a cargo of learning and fun. The trailer features wooden dowels to hold 28 drilled wooden blocks, with colorful letters, pictures, and shapes. Lift the blocks off for stacking, sorting, spelling, and storytelling fun … Then load them up again when it’s time to roll out.
Make it fun to learn the alphabet, spell, stacking blocks, and even coordination. 
We have so many more great deals for kids this year. Click on the link at the top of the page and find many deals for kids. There are more out there, so if you are looking for anything make a comment and I will find it for a good price. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and will have a Merry Christmas. 
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