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Still need to get a friend, mom, dad, son, daughter, or any family person a gift for Christmas. Maybe near to Santa Clause to delivering gifts, but we can still help him get you a great gift. Amazon Prime is that great gift. You may wonder why. A physical gift is not always the best gift for Christmas. A gift to show appreciation of your family is what is great about Amazon Prime. Stay with me and I will let you know why.

I know we all love music, but new CD’s and MP3s can add up and cost us a lot of money every year. Amazon Prime helps you there. You get unlimited ad-free access to over a million songs. So many great songs that you will love all of them and not have to pay more. You can access this on your computer, smartphone, or iPad. You can download songs from Amazon for less than $1.00 and some are even free. 

Music is great but we all love movies and TV series. Well Amazon Prime helps you there as well. You get instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV series with Prime Instant Video.

Do you want that quite alone time? Reading books or eBooks is great to do alone and relax. You also can read free books each month through Kindle First and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. This helps you relax and have time alone.

Everyone takes pictures now. Smartphones and digital cameras let us express ourselves and keep fond memories. We have to store them somewhere! Amazon gives you free unlimited photo storage in Cloud Drive. You may say, ” I have a virtual drive.”. Well true, but do you have unlimited storage. Every virtual drive limits how much you can store, usually around 5 GB, but with Cloud Drive with Amazon Prime you get unlimited. You cannot beat that!

So many reasons to join Amazon Prime, but here is the best one I think. FREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of items. Any product that is marked Amazon Prime you will get Free Shipping an receive it within two business days. Everyone loves and needs free shipping  helps save money especially for Christmas.

These are just Amazon’s reasons to join Amazon Prime. There are more reasons I think join Amazon Prime helps you out.

  • You can subscribe and save on many products like trash bags. If you are with Amazon Prime you are guaranteed to receive them on the date you need them.
  • There are always Daily Deals. I always post them to my Facebook Page. During the Holidays I post more every few hours. 
  •  Sales always go on through the year. 

  Check out Amazon Prime it is great for many many reasons. I always keep you up to date on deals so follow my Social Network to get great deals.

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Give the Gift of Prime

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