Have trouble walking room to room. Do you have a walking cane? Does it keep you moving, well balanced, and stay upright? If you answered no to either of these questions you need a HurryCane.

This is the HurryCane you see on National Television and I want to pass the word on to you. I have a friend that bought one last year and she loves it. She suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis  even as a teen. This has

 helped her get around her home easier. She does not always move straight, her HurryCane with it’s 3 points of contact gives her support and mobility. You need better mobility, then get a HurryCane!

HurryCane – The All-Terrain Cane; Freedom Edition


  • Freedom Edition Enhancements over Original HurryCane – 20% Lighter; 40% Stronger; Ergonomic Handle, 16% Wider Pivoting Head & Feet Re-design!
  • SteadiGrip 360 degree pivoting base provides 3 points of contact for superior balance and stability.
  • Eight heights ranging from 30.5" to 37.5", folds easily for storage & 350 lbs. weight limit.
  • Weight limit – 350 lbs.
  • Includes: HurryCane, Wrist Strap & Travel Bag

Product Description

The #1 selling cane on Amazon just got better! This is the cane that is featured on National television! The Freedom Edition includes a re-designed feet locking system with the WhisperFlexTM base design, for a smooth and silent pivot. Inspired by the Most Advanced Machine on Earth: The Human Body. We built it from the ground up to feel like an extension of the body. Engineered with 4 critical innovations: 1. Stabilizes like a foot: Just like the human foot, the HurryCane gives you 3 points of contact for superior balance and stability. It naturally simulates your instinctive walking motion to provide you firm footing on any surface. Whether you’re sitting or standing, the SteadiGripTM base gives you more traction at any angle. 2. Pivots like an ankle: The ankle is the most complex joint in the body because it has the trickiest job: support your full weight while giving you the flexibility to walk, run and turn on a dime. It automatically pivots to help you maintain balance on inclines, uneven ground and shifting terrain. We designed the HurryCane’s proprietary pivoting head to meet the same demanding standards – and it does it all, automatically. 3. Bends like a knee: Your knees bend to help you get in and out of restrictive places like cars. But the HurryCane is even better: instead of one joint, you get 2! When you need to store it in a purse, glove box or under a chair, the HurryCane folds up in seconds to one-third its normal size. And when you need, it flips out instantly. While our cane has two joints, it’s still strong and sturdy enough to be pressure-tested to support 350 pounds. 4. Changes in height: People come in all different heights. With just the push of a button, it instantly adjusts to any of 8 convenient heights, ranging from 30.5″ to 37.5". To enhance your mobility experience add these HurryCane Accessories: HurryCane Replacement Feet & the Heavenly Handle. Weight capacity of 350 lbs.

Get better mobility and feel free with the HurryCane. Trust me it helped my friend a lot. Looking for more to help your mobility. Join me on Social Network or have your children do it for you.



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