My business has had a rough last two years. It is no longer going the way I planned, so I am going to re-strategerize.

I am thinking that emarket is not the greatest for my target in business. I have had a desire to start a restaurant or a bar since I was in high school. I have a lot of experience in food service and a friend of mine has a lot of bar experience. In my past I had a bartender’s license. This may need to be a target in the near future once again.

I cannot say to much more. I will continue to blog. I will mainly talk about business and strategerizing. I will also throw out some of my ideas. I will be grateful for any suggestions and responses.

There are times to attack, times to retreat, and times to take a step back. Carson Solutions, LLC is taking a step back. We will not fail. We will achieve. Stay with me to keep updated.

Ryan A Carson, Owner

Carson Solutions, LLC

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