Production: Learning A Job To Multi-Task To Be More Productive


Are we more productive doing one job or many jobs? If you answered many jobs you are on the right track. I want to let you know developing skills to multi-task not only helps you at work, but helps you at home as well. Just remember in business time is money.

Why Do More Than One Job

You may be wondering why we should do more than one job. I had a business friend ask me why he should preform two tasks when he can do one really great. I had to agree with him at a point because optimizing a certain product may be important in a company. I like to give an example on optimizing one product.

One Task or Two?

Many years ago I was a manger in food service. I worked at McDonald’s, Burger King, Denny’s, and Long John Silver’s. As manager at LJS I had to focus on production and waste. I was to optimize production and minimize waste, a cost projected weekly. Well if you never been to a LJS I want to suggest go to one this Friday and see the business they get. My first year at LJS I was a cook. I learned hoe to optimize during Lent. When a restaurant serves fish, on Lent Friday they need to plan to select a cook to focus solely on fish. This is an example of optimizing one product. Now after Lent fish sales settled and no longer needed a cook to focus on fish. Now it is time for the cook to multi-task.

Let Us Work Together And Get More Done

Just because one is doing more than one job does not mean they are doing everything. There needs to be teamwork in the work environment. Workers should never stand around or sit around and do nothing. It does not matter if you are waiting on a product for the next 5 minutes. You can do something else I am sure.

I am going stick with LJS. As I made manager and new cooks came in I always made sure that they had fries down, fish was lifted out of the fryer, and they had a batter ready. These extra task were put in between of taking orders from front counter or drive thru, dishing orders, taking food to customers. Now this seems like a lot for a manager, but I did not always do it all. I did have a team. Although there had to be breaks, call offs, or crew late for work. As leaders we need to pick up the slack so there is no slack. Work together, be a leader, as a team, this is what we all should be.

How To Get Many Jobs Done

Well in food service one can multi-task by helping on another task, but what if you have a job that only one person can do a task? This is what I say is strategizing.

Learn One Task First

When beginning a new job with multiple tasks to do I have one tip of advice. Learn one task at a time! It might not be your choice to only learn one task, but you can focus on one and get it down by habit. Once you do this you can add another task to your day. This will increase you optimization threshold and you will be more productive. If you are wondering how keep reading…

How You Increase Your Optimization

“You stay focused” was said by Mr. Miyagi on Karate Kid III. He was inspiring Daniel to make his own choice. He wanted him to chose to either go in and win or get out and throw in the towel if Daniel knew he could not do it. Daniel made the choice to win and stay focused. Before he stayed focused he was scatted. We need to stay focused on our goal to be optimized. Once we are optimized then when can add more production to our tasks. This increases our optimization. Always remember stay focused on one task and then other task(s) are icing on the cake.

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