Enjoy the Rain

Today my mood really changed for the good. It has been rough this winter going through foot upon foot of snow, the cold air, and driving to and from work on icy roads. Today it has finally changed, Spring is in the air.

The “Other Day”

Remember the song “Rain, rain go away, come back another day.”? Well today was the “Other Day”. We all wanted to see rain, because we were tired of snow and ready for Spring. Well the breaking news is Spring is here!

All weather can become annoying, it does not matter if it is too much sun, too much rain, too much snow, or too much wind nature will never be perfect to our satisfaction. Although we can enjoy moments like the first rain, the first snowfall, the sunrise or sunset, the changing of the leaves, and the perfect days we get every now and then. 

What to do to Enjoy Nature

Even though nature can be rough on us we can enjoy even the hard times. One I think about, because I have been through it several times, is when temps are over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, haven’t rained for months, and not even an air conditioner can cool the house. I have been through this as a kid and young adult and both times I remained active. My advice is keep up with sports, hanging out with friends, gardening, and more. The reason being your body’s internal temperature goes up as you remain active. It goes down as you are inactive. If you are active the heat will bother you less. Just remember do not overexert yourself and stay hydrated. 

Nights are awesome because of the stars. They prove that there is more than just us. Depending on your beliefs this can be seen many ways. I see this from my religious viewpoint; as proof there is a god that created the Universe and everything in it. I know what religion I believe in and I am going to keep it back. I do not want to offend others. But if i was never witnessed to when I was young I would never believe our Universe was a accident. Accidents never happen, there is always a purpose.


After the Rain

What happens after it rains? The sun comes out, the birds sing, and it feel refreshed. Rain is so great, as long we do not get feet of it. It cleans the environment, our cars, and sometimes even us. It may make us a little under the weather, but the sun always comes back. I think this is what I love about rain. Of course I love my thunderstorms, love the rumbles and huge bolts.   

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