How You Can Explode Your M.O.B.E. Commissions, By Hiring Matt Lloyd To Write Daily ‘Cash-Sucking’ Emails For You, For Just A Tiny Fraction Of His Normal Fee…

… And All You Have To, Is Take 5 Minutes To Copy, Paste, And Send!

How would you like Matt Lloyd to personally write sales-grabbing emails to your list every single day, so you can generate maximum M.O.B.E. commissions with as little work as possible? 75% of your marketing work can been taken off your shoulders while Matt does the heavy lifting.

From Matt Lloyd,


Did you know that a half hour of me typing at my computer sometimes makes me $5,000… $10,000… and occasionally $20,000 in a single day?

It’s all about leverage, you see.

Everytime I send an email to my list, it’s like sending 100,000 + tiny little salesmen out into the world, and having a bunch of them invited into my prospects living rooms.

If each of them comes back with just 20 cents in revenue… you can easily see how $20,000 days are possible.

The fact is, if you have a decent list of prospects to market to… let’s say 1,000 or more… you can make a full time income just by mailing your list regularly with M.O.B.E. offers… as long as you are using highly effective email copy that makes your prospects click and visit a sales page that closes the deal for you. (My M.O.B.E. License Rights program has the sales conversion part taken care of for you already)

Do you want to learn how to do this process on your own?

Well I’m sorry but I’m not going to help you with that.

I’m not even going to try…

Not because I don’t want to… it’s just that learning the ‘sweet science’ of email copywriting is not something that can be taught in an info-product.

It takes years and years of dedicated practice to get any good.

When writing emails… you have make to sales without being salesy.

You have to be amusing without being a clown and lowering your expert credibility.

You have to invisibly market your products so it doesn’t feel like marketing.

And you have to be able to never run out of things to talk about.

It’s not easy… but there are places to learn copywriting if you’re willing to pay the price.

My own copywriter has spent more on learning sales copy than he has on his MBA graduate school program.

And it pays off.

I learned how to do copywriting myself after endless trial-and-error pieces I worked on over 4 years.

There is a better way though…

3 Ways to Use Killer Email Copy to
Extract Cash Out of Your List on Demand

Being able to market to your mailing list is critical. I’m afraid there will never be a substitute for that.

Luckily there are three ways to get the maximum amount of money out of your list…

Choice #1: Become an Email Marketing Master

Time Cost: High
Money Cost: High

The Method:

  1. Invest in several copywriting training courses and coaching programs. (Decent coaching programs start at $2,000)
  2. Write emails every single day to your list and measure your results.
  3. Watch your open rate, click-through rate, and conversion statistics every day.
  4. Keep writing every day for the rest of your internet marketing career.

Choice #2: Hire a Professional Email Copywriter

Time Cost: Low
Money Cost: High

The Method:

  1. Search online for a professional copywriter with proven results. Make sure you check for references, past accomplishments, etc.
  2. Interview each copywriter and hire one for $150-200 per email. (Going much lower on this will get you very poor results).
  3. See if you can negotiate to $100 per email for buying in bulk.
  4. Be prepared to spend at least $3,000 a month for daily emails

Now neither of those may sound like that much fun… but until recently, this was all you had to pick from. And to be honest… if you have a great list and high converting emails coming from a top copywriter, $3,000 should make you many times that amount back. The problem is a lot of us don’t have $3,000 to spend every month.

And the first method… training yourself to be a top copywriter and writing every email yourself takes so much time that it becomes a second job in itself.

However, for a limited time, I’d like to grant you a third option to work with…

Choice #3: Register for Matt Lloyd’s “Done-for-You Email Service”

Time Cost: Zero
Money Cost: Very Low

The Method:

  1. Sign up for “Done-for-You Email Service”
  2. Receive a marketing email every day written personally by Matt Lloyd with your MOBE links already pasted in.
  3. Send the email to your list.
  4. Watch your commissions for the day double or triple and keep track of how much money is piling up.
  5. Repeat and start having a 30-second workday from your business.

Sound simple?

Let me explain a little more…

This is for you if:

  • You want to make a full-time income from MOBE commissions and haven’t quite gotten there yet.
  • You have other time commitments like a “day job,” children to take care of, and other things that make it hard to sit down and write marketing emails.
  • You find writing email copy to be difficult and run out of ideas of what to say each day.
  • You’re ready to “outsource” parts of your business so you can have more time to yourself.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You don’t have an email list at all.
  • You’re already mailing your list every day and making hundreds of dollars of commissions from those mailings each day.
  • You are too “shy” or timid to mail your list with 100% proven cash-grabbing emails.
  • You are even considering sharing these emails I give you with someone else who will take some of your profit away from you (and get you sued in the process)

Get Daily Emails Written Personally By Matt Lloyd
to Send Your List and Super-Size Your Cash Flow


If you are a member of my Done-for-You Email Service, you get 7 fresh emails every week to send your list.

Does that sound like a lot? Why not just mail once a week?

Well, I side with the experts on this one. If you look at all the big dogs like Frank Kern, Dan Kennedy, and Jeff Walker, they all email their list every single day. Why? It works!

For some reason, people tend to buy more if they’re mailed every day. They also tend to unsubscribe and complain less.

Take a look at this study done by HubSpot Inc.

For some bizarre reason… the more you email your list, the less they unsubscribe.

So if you’ve ever had the thought, “I don’t want to bother my subscribers with too many emails,”… think again! It doesn’t matter what they say! The fact is that it’s scientifically proven that your prospects stay on your list longer and buy more if you mail them more often.

Why that is… I don’t know, but I tend to run my business according to the real world and not based on how I think people should be acting.

So because of this, I’m going to give you an email every single day to keep up your marketing momentum.

And they’re all unique and fresh. You don’t get “re-cycled” with repeats.

Also, they’re written to come from a MOBE Licensee or affiliate. All you have to do is put your name in a couple spots to personalize it. If you’d like, you can play with the email more and make it suit your personality. However, the emails are designed to sell, so I wouldn’t mess with it too much. Your MOBE referral link will already be embedded so that’s completely taken care of for you.

Now this is VERY Important:

Every email I write for you is designed to make you money. In fact, it’s the ONLY purpose. It’s not to entertain your list… or educate them… or to build a connection…

Now don’t get me wrong, a lot of these emails are entertaining, educational, and connection-building… but these elements are just used to make you more money.

I’ll also make sure you get 4 Subject Lines to work with for every email. You can pick the one you think resonates with your list the most. OR… if you use an autoresponder that lets you split test subject lines, you can see which ones work better.

I’m going to make sure to “mix it up” so your list gets excited each day wondering what they’re going to receive next.

Sometimes the message will be an engaging story that relates to marketing. Other times it will be a philosophical musing. And occasionally it will be a straight up hard-sell. (Yes, those can be extremely effective if written by a copywriting expert.)

Each and Every Week, You Get 7 Emails Like This to Send Out:

Subject: What veterans know, that online rookies don’t…

Most people fail in internet marketing.

Here’s why:

Upon entering our industry, they are brainwashed into believing it’s all about traffic.

Getting more traffic… getting cheaper traffic… even the idea of never having to pay
for traffic again! (which is BS- all traffic costs).

And there’s a good reason for this fascination with traffic: it sells.

The pitch, “let me show you how to get hundreds of leads daily for free when you get
my $7 ebook” sounds sexy.

That’s why you see so many ‘push button’ traffic courses being pumped on Clickbank,
and why suckers keep falling for the same gimmicks.

But more experienced marketers understand this business is about something entirely else:


Whoever converts their traffic into the most sales, wins.

Let me prove my point, by telling you how I spent my Saturday afternoon…

I got into the office around 12.30pm, after having lunch with my mother (who was up
from our farm).

I went into my infusionsoft account, and, started working on my ‘IM Revolution’ follow
up sequence.

I added in a new step, which I’m very excited.

This new step triggers a mail package to go out – real mail, sent to the leads house – and it
includes a physical version of ‘I.M. Revolution,’ my ebook.

This is not like sending a half hearted email… this actually has a real cost.

It’s about $1.80 to print off the 65 page Handbook, 50 cents for postage, and a little more
for the manual labor to pack and send.

Multiply that by a few thousand handbooks, and it begins to add up.

You know why I do all of this?

Because it increases the conversion rates of my leads into customers.

And, the MOBE License Partners who choose to promote that funnel, now get more money
back for the traffic they send to their license links.

So they make more sales.

And buy more traffic.

And make more sales.

And on and on it goes…

This is how MOBE continues to scale, while most of the online gurus from 2 or 3
years ago are dying out.

It’s because I never stop working at improving the conversion efficiency of our funnels.

Now you, my aspiring marketing friend, have 2 options:

1.) You can continuously work at improving your sales funnel, constanly testing and tweaking it.

2.) OR, if that sounds like too much work, you can just promote my funnel as a MOBE Licensee,
and let me pay you 90% of the sales that come from your leads, which I’ll convert for you.

You can do this right here in fact: [Your Affiliate Code]

Either way… don’t fall for this idea that this biz is about traffic.

It’s not…

Conversion is king, and conversion ought to be where you spend most of your time.

(unless you’re a Licensee of course)

Talk soon,

Your Name

Now this is a sample based on an email I’ve already sent out, so you would NOT be given this one.

Every email you get is fresh off the press.

And emails like this land me thousands of dollars on a daily basis.

Depending on the size of your list and your relationship to it, you can expect an income *bump* almost immediately.

But Isn’t this Too Easy??

Matt is Doing All the Work!


You may already have a list with anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 mailing list leads.

You may be wondering… Is it possible that just by using this Done-for-You Email Service… you will make thousands of dollars each and every month just by sending pre-written messages (something a monkey could be trained to do)…?

YES… If you want to do the bare minimum, you can.

I will always prefer that you build an ongoing sustainable business to last for decades, but if you want to turn this program into a cash machine money-maker that acts like a malfunctioning ATM spewing out cash… then by all means, go for it.

To be honest, some of the most fun I’ve had online was when I discovered a profit loophole like this where you make quick cash every day by pushing a few buttons. There’s really no shame in that.

What I suggest you do is keep building your list on your own, because the bigger your list gets, the more people will read the emails and end up buying.

Now you may be wondering about price…

As I’ve said, hiring your own professional copywriter can be very expensive.

My own copywriter’s ongoing rate for emails like this is $150 per email.

Now what I’m going to do is offer this to you for $97 a month – that’s less than the cost of 1 email from a professional copywriter   (only $3.23 bucks per email!)

Now you may be asking if there is a guarantee to this offer and…

I have to draw the line somewhere.

I’m not kidding when I tell you that multiple members of my staff have found this “Done-For-You” email service to be odd, to say the least.

“Matt, this is taking up a lot of your time and you’re not charging much for it.”

“Matt… doesn’t this go against everything you say about letting your business run on autopilot so you don’t have to be there? You’re actually writing these yourself every day!!”

And they do have a point.

In fact, at some point, I may yank this offer completely off the market if it gets too time consuming (and I’ll give you 30 days notice if I do that if you’re already member.)

My secret agenda for creating a service like this is that I want to strengthen my community of affiliates and MOBE Licensees so they reach the maximum amount of customers possible so we all get paid. I’m not going to b.s. you… I make more money if you make more money.

So I figure… why not give you every marketing weapon possible so you can clean house and sell a truckload of product and make both of us lots of money?

As you can see, I’m going to give you this gift of having these email messages to send out at the tiniest fraction of what you would have to pay a professional copywriter. You can cancel at any time but there are no refunds on this whatsoever… not when you can potentially make your money back on the very first email you send out.

This is Where Online Profiting
Becomes Completely Passive

YES! I want to have Matt Lloyd write emails my business:

  1. I understand I will get 7 daily emails each and every week written personally by Matt Lloyd that I can send out with a copy/paste and a click. All of those emails are specifically designed to generate sales and get me easy commissions.
  2. I understand that it is still my responsibility to build my own list because the more people that receive the emails, the more money I will make.
  3. I am doing this right now because I know that this offer could go down at any moment and I don’t want to look back at today wishing I’d taken action.
  4. I can’t wait to make these high commissions completely passively while someone else does all the work.

Price: $97/month (or $3.23 per Email)

Click Here

Can you imagine not having to do any of this work yourself?

Did you ever dream it would be this easy to wake up whenever you felt like it… roll over to your laptop while in your pajamas, and check to see how many hundreds or thousands of dollars you’ve made for the day?

Did you think it would be this simple to evaporate your debt and go on the vacations you’ve always wanted to… while letting someone else do all the hard work you always were told was necessary to make it in business?

Can you imagine the look on your friends’ faces when you tell them how much money you’ve made in a single day without doing anything?

I think this is a pretty brilliant opportunity.

What you need to do now is click the ADD TO CART button above and within 24 hours you’ll start getting emails sent to your inbox, which you can copy, paste and send to your list…and watch the commissions rolling in.

Thanks and I can’t wait to put your income on overdrive.


Matt Lloyd


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