REVEALED: The “secret” the wealthy use to amass their  fortunes, and how you can do the same…

Learn how you can
leverage this secret and get $1,250… $3,300… and $5,500 deposited into your bank account on

What you’re about to hear will shock you…

Everyone knows that there is a widening income
gap between the rich and the poor.

But did you know…

The 85 richest people
on Earth now have as much money as the bottom HALF of the world’s population.


That’s right, according to a report
released this year by the British humanitarian group Oxfam International…

The richest 85 people on the planet
have as much wealth – about $1.7 trillion – as one half of the entire human
race, about 3.5 billion people.

Those 85 people are part of the
world’s richest 1% – a group that has amassed about 46% of the world’s wealth,
or $110 trillion.

This Top 1% has 65 times the TOTAL wealth of
the bottom half of the world’s population.

Pretty shocking.

Now, income inequality is growing
worldwide, but there’s one country that has led the world in wealth

The United States.

The percentage of income held by the
richest 1% in the US has grown nearly 150% over the past 30 years… while the
bottom 90% of Americans have become poorer.

Obama recently called the expanding
gap between rich and poor a “bigger threat” to the US economy than the enormous
federal budget deficit.

And a report released this year by
the Sadoff Investment Research firm found that the top 1% of wage-earning
households in the US bring in about $1.2 million per year.

That’s 41
 as much as the average income for all wage-earners, who
bring in about $40,000 per year.

Now, what does this mean for you?

Well, you have two choices:


You can resent the wealthy.


You can become one of

Some people say that wealthy people
are greedy, but studies show that people also view them as harder working and
more intelligent.

And the truth is that many of us
want to be wealthy.

Even if you’re not motivated by
material possessions, I’m sure you want enough money to be “financially free.”

To be able to:

Do what you want to do when you want
to do it

Go on vacation when you please

Travel the world

Have enough money in the bank
account to not have to “worry” about bills, debt, your mortgage, or car

… unless you figure out the “secret”
the wealthy use to amass their fortunes.

This “secret” is right in front of
your nose even though you might not recognize it.

It can be extremely easy for you to
grasp, but only if you know what you’re looking for.

I spent years searching for it,
coming close and then having it fall through my fingers like sand.

Then all of a sudden I “got it.”

And once I had it my income
skyrocketed and I kissed my “money worries” goodbye forever.

What is this secret to wealth?

Well, if you stay with me for about
60 more seconds I’ll tell you.

But first, I need to explain who I
am and how I discovered this secret.

My name is
Matt Lloyd and I come from fairly humble beginnings.

I grew up on a farm near Perth,
Australia and while I never went hungry, my family was far from wealthy.

I always knew I wanted something
more, a better life.

In November of 2008 I started trying
to make money online, working out of my bedroom.

At the time, I was a university
student barely making $600 a week mowing lawns and trying online marketing on
the side.

Then in early 2009, I dropped out of

I committed myself entirely.

I studied everything I could find
and tried every product I could get my hands on.

But I wasn’t getting anywhere… or
making much money.

At the same time, I was also
studying the wealthiest people on the planet, people like:

Warren Buffet (worth about $65

Bill Gates ($78 billion) and

Mark Zuckerberg ($28.7 billion)

I figured that if I copied what they
did, I might see some of the same success.

In all, I studied about 500 of the
wealthiest people on the planet and kept coming back to ONE big question…

“What made them their money?”

For some, it was real estate.

For others, it was the stock market.

But BY FAR the most common way they made their billions was…

Owning their own business.

About 76% – an overwhelming majority
– owned their own (very profitable) business.

That was the secret.

When I realized this it made perfect

Bill Gates has his own business.

So does Richard Branson.

And Mark Zuckerberg.

And they all rake in record

There was just one problem…

I didn’t have enough money (or any
investors) to launch a business.

I wasn’t a computer genius like Bill

I didn’t have an amazing invention
like the iPhone.

I didn’t have business or management
experience of any kind.

But I did have one thing in my


So I used this determination to
build a profitable online business from nothing.

And if you keep watching this video I’ll show you how you
can leverage my business and make $5,000 to $10,000 (or more) per month in
extra income…

WITHOUT creating your own products

WITHOUT any business or management

WITHOUT capital or investors

WITHOUT dealing with customers, returns, or

WITHOUT building websites

WITHOUT selling anything over the phone or
in person

WITHOUT any computer skills at all

WITHOUT leaving the comfort of your own home

Sound good?

Alright, back to my story…

There I was… a college dropout,
working 10 to 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, trying desperately to create an
online business from nothing.

I drove traffic, built an email
list, and created websites, products, sales funnels, and (most importantly) a
marketing system to tie it all together.

It started slow at first – a sale
here, another sale there – then it snowballed.

I began making money and LOTS of it.

I put all my profits back into
buying traffic, creating more offers, and hiring more staff and sales people.

I started putting on events all over
the world, and grew my company into what it is today – an international
marketing powerhouse.

I now run the fast growing company
in the home business niche on the planet.

My company MOBE has paid out over
$12 million to partners like you in 38 countries around the world and we
regularly bring in over $1 million per month in sales.

Now, I’m nowhere close to Bill Gates
or Warren Buffett, but I’m definitely “financially free.”

And it’s all because I own my own

Now, you might be thinking, “Ok,
Matt. That worked for you, but I can’t build a business from nothing!”

I understand.

Most people are too busy with their
family, their job, and the daily responsibilities of life to start their own

I get it, and that’s Ok.

Which is why I want to make you an offer…

Partner with me and I will pay you a
portion of my

Here’s how it works… The “secret” to
wealth that I discovered was a marketing system that takes online leads and
turns them into money. There are only 2 steps:

You bring me leads.

I give you money when I sell things
to those leads.

I call it… My Top
Tier Business (or MTTB for short)
 When you join MTTB, I will pay you
commissions of $1,250… $3,300… and $5,500 without you having to lift a finger.
Here’s how we split the money… All of the revenue from the products my system sells are split 3 ways. I
get a cut (around 1/6th). My salespeople get a cut (around
33%). And you get a commission – around 50%. You actually get the biggest
piece. Now, why would I give you MORE money than I keep for myself? (Seems like
a pretty dumb move for a “successful” businessman,
right?) Wrong. I give you the biggest piece to make it a complete “no brainer”
for you. The more attractive this is, the more partners I have bringing me
leads. That results in a higher volume of sales, and I make more money in the
long run. And so far, the revenue has been astounding…

Here’s John Chow, one of my partners, who has
made over $1.1 million in total
commissions with the products sold through MTTB.

And then there’s Shaqir Hussyin, who has earned
over $651,903.10  in
total commissions.

Terry Lamb who has earned over $254,375.94 in

Now, you may have heard of these
guys before… some people would consider them “gurus” or experts.

But you don’t need to be an expert
or have any online experience to make money with MTTB.

Here are some REGULAR people that have made tens of
thousands of dollars in commissions.

Ken Faminoff – a “newbie” who earned over $34,000 in
commissions with my system after only 8 months online. Since then, Ken has made
 over $66,427 in
total commissions.

there’s Carolina Millan – a young lady from Chile who has earned over $243,633 in total commissions with my
 (shown below in an older photo from 2013 with her BIG check
for $72,539)!

here’s Mike Morin – who made $6,203 in
commissions in his first 30 days and then wrote this Facebook post:

As of today, Mike has made $110,091.99 in total commissions!

Also… on top of the
BIG commission checks, I’ll also motivate you with other
perks like these.

Junjun Li with his Merc

Shelley Belcourt with her Merc

Mike Lee with his Merc

David Gilks with his Merc

Robby Gonzales with his Merc

(I’ll let
you know how you can get your own Merc for

after you get started with MTTB).

Now, let’s be honest.

You’re probably skeptical about
these results and incentives like free Mercs.

I don’t blame you.

There’s a lot of hype in this

But all of these results and photos are 100% real (I
could get into really big trouble if they weren’t).

With that said, I want to be clear…
these results are NOT typical.

You do have to put in some time to
generate leads, but if you do then there’s nothing stopping you.

You see, there’s something different
about MTTB that leads to this massive success.

The key is high-ticket – or Top Tier
– programs sold to your leads.

Your leads will eventually be sold
into high priced programs by my phone sales team.

Each time they make a sale for you,
you get a $1,250… $3,300… or $5,500 commission.

(By the way… my sales team is made
up of 6 or 7-figure earners, and they’re some of the best – but not pushiest –
sales people in the industry).

This is the secret behind MTTB and
it’s what makes it completely unique.

There is no one else out there
willing to give you a majority share of their backend high-ticket sales.

No one.

(I checked).

Not only that… with MTTB I’ll even
show you how to generate leads.

That’s right.

I take care of EVERYTHING after the
lead comes in and I’ll
show you how to find the leads in the first place… even if you have ZERO
experience online.

MTTB comes with a simple,
easy-to-understand training program
 that will show you how the system
works and how to get leads for it.

Here’s what’s included when you join MTTB today:


The Internet’s only
Done For You system that will deposit$1,250, $3,300, and $5,500 commissions into your
bank account.


Your own personal 1-on-1 coaching with one of my Top Tier coaches (yes… you get
a personal coach to answer all your questions, and walk you through everything)


A simple 21-step training program to making your first $1,250, $3,300, or $5,500
commission with MTTB (including short, easy-to-watch videos and webinars)


A professional sales
staff that will make phone sales FOR YOU


Done For You product fulfillment, payment processing, and customer service.


Access to a 30-Day “Traffic Made Easy” Plan that will show you the most cutting edge strategies for generating traffic online today including
YouTube, Facebook, and Google.

Now, I could easily charge $1,000
(or more) for this.

But I’m not going to do that.

I want to grow my business to $50
million in revenue per year, and the way I do that is by bringing on more

So, for that reason I won’t charge
you $1,000.

Or $500.

Or even $250.

Your investment today is a small
application fee of $49.

Once you take care of this fee,
you’ll be put in touch with your coach who will ask you a couple simple
questions to make sure you’re a good fit for MTTB.

You will NOT be sold anything on
this call.

Think of this as a friendly

If you decide the program is not
right for you, no problem… we’ll refund you on the spot.

If we decide that this is a good
fit, then you’re in.

Once accepted, you’ll get Instant
Access to MTTB and your coach will be available to answer any questions you

Note:  Your coach is assigned
according to your time zone and country. If you’re in Australia, you’ll get an
Australian coach. If you’re in the U.S., you’ll get an American coach. We have
coaches in the U.K., the U.S., and Australia and between all of them, we have
most of the world’s time zones covered.

Also, you’ll have to fill out a Non-Disclosure
. Some of the information you’ll be
getting access to is highly proprietary and I want to keep it out of the hands
of my competitors.

PLUS… My No-Risk
$500 Cash Back Guarantee

I am so confident in MTTB, that I’m willing to
back it up with a $500 Cash Back Guarantee. Complete the application and take care of your
fee today. If you aren’t accepted or decide later this isn’t for you, I’ll
refund your $49 investment… no questions asked. On top of that, if
you go through the training and don’t make a commission within 30 days of
completing all the steps, then I will pay you $500 cash via PayPal (or by

Now, in order to make this bold guarantee,
there have to be some ground rules…

You need to go through
each of the 21 steps on the day it’s assigned to you.

If you skip a step, or
do a step out of order you forfeit the guarantee.

Fair enough?


Apply below now to get

When you hit the
“Apply Now” button, you’re going to be taken to a form that looks like the
image on the right.

After you fill out the form, talk to your coach, and are accepted…
you will get Instant Access to the online member’s

You will instantly
become a partner in a profitable business that pays you $1,250… $3,300… and
$5,500 commissions just for finding leads.

You will get personal
1-on-1 coaching to answer all your questions.

PLUS… I guarantee that
you will make a commission within 30 days of completing the initial 21-step
training, or I will pay you $500 cash out of my own pocket.

You have nothing to

Apply below now.


If you wait, then the
rich will get richer, and it will only become harder for to you maintain your
current standard of living.

So… you really only
have two choices.

You can watch from the
sidelines as other people make money with this…


You can join MTTB
today and change your life.

The choice is yours.

Apply below now.


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