Should We Agree Or Disagree?

There are conflicts every day because we all have different opinions, point of views, priorities in life, and desires. Even in your own life your personality has changed over time. Think about the past for a moment. Go back 10 years from now. What was your point of view on a job? Was it just to make some money to get your video game? Maybe you had no idea what a job was? Of course you could have just been starting your new career. Now go back to today. What is your opinion? Is it about working 9 to 5, a paycheck, or about friends? I have always had the dream of finding a job where I enjoyed working, hanging with friends, and doing something after work. That has not come true yet, but I do still pray it does.


There are many different opinions among many different generations. You may be wondering what I am talking about. Well things have changed over the last 50, 60, 70 years. Science and technology have taken off into space and then into cyberspace. Some people have decided to follow while others have not come into the new Millennium.


I have met, talked to, and have family that have had challenges with the changes over the last 70 years. I have heard stories about when the first black and white television first came out. It wasn’t like a new Xbox game that everyone has to get. People did not have the money to go get a television when it came out. Eventually though the price dropped and a television got into everyone’s house and the economy boomed, a new era began. Now televisions are Hi Definition and color, WOW! Just like the television culture has changed.


There was more respect for one another back in the 50’s. Kids had respect for their parents, wives had respect for their husband, and the husband had respect for the family. In our history back then it was more of a family country. There were more small businesses, mom and pop shop, and kids having fun. Now laws have changed, industry has kicked up, and respect for one another has been thrown out the window. Parents wonder why their kids do not listen to them, it may be cause the kids do not get parental respect from their parents.

Ephesians 6:4

-Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord

Now I do not want to preach, but if things were better in the past maybe we need to go back to what our culture did back then. This verse tells me that not only is a child at fault, but so is the parent. If a child drops their drink on the floor and gets yelled at it will not make them a better person.

I know time has changed. Our likes on TV, the internet, how we spend money, internet, cell phones, and more. Just do not disagree if you both can be right. Just because two generations are in the same room and talking about the best cartoon in their generation ever, does not mean one is wrong. Agree to disagree.

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