Do Not Lose Your Passion

Loneliness, downheartedness, astray, and disarrangement are the way one feels without love. I know because this is how I feel now. There was a better day in my life. I had love, close friends, family, and positive ideas to look forward to in the future. Well what was the future in the past has become the present. My roads have been rough and I have been alone.

Future Plans From The Past

I graduated high school in 2000. I had plans of getting a degree, meeting the girl of my dreams, and having a family. I moved out of town and went to ITT Technical Institution to get my degree in Computer Aided Drafting and Design. I liked it because I love Math. I did well but had problems that happens in life.

Plan Your Budget

I did not realize at that time how hard it was to pay bills, buy food, take car of my car, gas, and have free time. I kept running out of money. I had never been educated on budgeting my income. I have now. I suggest to anyone who reads this learn how to budget. There are apps on Androids to help you.

I lost so much money I tucked my tail and ran home. I only had a semester left in college and I gave up. I regret that decision to this day, if I could go back in time this is one thing I would change.

Strive Forward

I did not give my degree up. I went to Pennsylvania College of Technology for a week. I took Culinary Arts a hobby, I will say, of mine. Gave it up because it was not what I really wanted. I still had an unknown desire in my heart, a passion.

When I lived away I learned a lot about business, setting goals, and being a leader. This always inspired me to do better, to strive for greater goals. I feel that if I set an example, set goals for others I can help them at work and in life.

I once received a suggestion from a manager of mine to go to college for management. I thought, “Yeah right, why do I want to do his job!?” But after going home I reconsidered it. I set my goal to become a manager.

Set A Goal Before You Get The Job

I went out looking for a job in food service, because that was my experience, to be hired on as a manager. I had experience as a Team Leader, several years in food service, and always did great with customers. It took time, but by the Grace of God I was hired at Long John Silver’s. The General Manager and Area Manager made an arrangement with me. They hired me on as crew with a higher wage and trained me in counting cash, inventory, orders, and more. They also guaranteed the intent of promoting me. It did happen. Although when you reach the top of the mountain you have to go down.

Reach Your Goal, But Planes Do Not Work Out

In my last year at LJS my General Manager retired and I was promoted. His Assistant Manager took over the restaurant. I never felt good with her from day one. I had a couple employees complaining that I was making them do their job. Wow what do you get paid for? I was mainly trained to close the restaurant, not open. One day I was scheduled to open. I messed up.

Now the night before the deposit is made. In the morning the manager runs it to the bank for a scheduled deposit. This has to be done because of the deposit made on the books the night before. If the manager is late then it screws things up. Well I was a little late. There are two reasons. One was because I was scheduled one short and the second was because another called off. I was trying to get everything ready and forgot about the deposit. I made several calls, even to other managers, and got no help. I was demoted because to deposit did not make it on time. I decided at that time to look for another job. It has been tumbling since.

My Passion Injured, But Not Defeated

When I was looking for a job my friend recommended me to apply where his father worked. I decided to take his suggestion. His father told me he got paid well with good benefits and vacation time, paid sick leave, and paid personal time. I got the job, but they were 12 hour shifts and I got stuck on nights.

I stayed positive the first couple years that I would make it to days, but gave it up eventually. I was in a department where only two people work on each shift. The only way I was going to get it if someone got fired or quit. I was the lowest one who would be able to bid on it.

During this time I was going to college online through DeVry. I majored for Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a focus on Management. I did not have a lot of time in a week, much less in a day so I took only fourteen credits at a time. This was taking forever. My loans were going higher and higher. I kept feeling more discouraged that I would never make it. I saw American InterContinental University (AIU). They run their sessions 5 weeks, whereas DeVry did it 8 weeks. I did not leave DeVry because they were not a great college, I did it because of time. If I had the time to do a whole semester then I would have stayed with DeVry and graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, but it did not happen. I do not think this is something I did wrong, just things happen because of choices we make in life. I graduated AIU with my Associates Degree in Business Administration.

To Place Passion In Effect or Let The Fire Burn

While I was in college I had this passion to start my own business. I wanted to be my own boss, put my ideas in effect, make plans, and have a drive. I was sure it would work, but it did not. I started as advertising for I established a business, started a blog, and promoted on Facebook and Twitter.

I spent money for months before Amazon even talked to me about keywords. At that time I knew about tagging friends in Facebook to show them a post. I did not know much about Google. I thought if I just advertised it on Social Network I would get sales, I was so wrong. Time to replan. I researched, established a Google account, focused on keywords, scheduled posts on Facebook and Twitter, I even used Hootsuite to help me out. I did it so I could be on break at work and I could go to my web page and share a product on my Social Network. Hootsuite helped, but Facebook kept changing. I would get less likes, and less page likes. My traffic was screeching to a halt.

All I got from family was negative support. No one was supportive of my decision. Now with everything coming to an end I was lost. My passion was no longer, it had been extinguished. Now all I can look back on are failures.

A Ray Of Hope

There was a time in life when I felt positive, I had my passion, I could never stop striving for more. That was when I was around more positive people, I had set goals, I had choices in my life, and my mistakes I learned from and was not lectured all the time. This can happen again. Maybe I am on the right road. I like where I am working at now, I have goals set for a new car, a place to move, and maybe even a relationship. What happens after the dust finally settles? Maybe one day I will let you know.

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