Having A Job Reschedules Your Days

I have had a new job for almost a year now. We get mandated overtime at least once a month and can volunteer for any other weekend. Although recently for the last couple months the have stopped overtime all together in my department. I was planning to go off this weekend, but plans get changed.


My boss informed us this Thursday that we got mandate for Saturday, yesterday, and ten hours on Monday thru Wednesday. I got to wondering, why just four days? Then it hit me. It is the end of the month and the end of the quarter. We have to be the most productive and efficient as possible. It make sense to me from the business angle. Although I wish this happened last week. I don’t know why, but I just don’t want to work it the last week of the month.

What To Do With Life Plans?

I had a couple things to do this week, but since my schedule changed I need to

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adapt to the situation. One thing was I was going to go see some friends out of town yesterday into today. I decided not to go. I could have still gone after work yesterday, but I had not decided when to show up at work until today. Now I could show up an hour or two early or at my regular time as long as I was there for ten hours. I decided this afternoon to go in an hour early and leave an hour later. This might not affect my life too much for a few days. Since I decided this I want to get enough sleep before work tomorrow and that is the main reason I decided not to go.

The second plan I had this week was a doctor’s appointment after work. Well since my schedule is changing I had to cancel that appointment. Sometimes it is funny when you have no plans and are fully available to do overtime you don’t get it. Then when you have plans it comes and gets you. I guess that is a little ironic.

Oh well life goes on. I had to cancel and reschedule some plans. Did a little extra resting today, almost felt like an old man. I will get my plans going again next week. Now if the overtime continues, which I doubt it will, I will have to do a little replanning until the overtime is over.

I just think we all go through this almost everyday. Overtime is not just work, it is life as well. Somedays we have more problems at home, like faucets breaking and calling the plumber, and other times we have overtime with ourselves.

You may wonder what I mean. Well overtime with ourselves is meeting goals we set. We all set goals, some high some low. Meeting a goal at times can be a challenge. That is because we set goals that are too high or even not achievable. When you set a goal make sure you set a strategy plan over a reasonable amount of time. It is like buying a car. If you want to buy a new car, but want to make a down payment of $5,000 there are three things to start with. The first thing is set a date you want the car. The second is go to Kelly Blue Book and find out the value of your car. The third and final thing will sound complicated, but it is not. Take the value of your car, go low, and subtract it from your goal, $5,000. Then take the difference and divided by how many income days you have to you goal date. This will give you the amount you need to save each week you get paid. You can also take the difference and divide it by the amount you wish to save and find out how many paydays it takes. If the solution is greater than a whole number, example 25.2, count the .2 as a week this just will be a smaller amount. I am recently saving for a new car. I am saving my income and saving any extra I have.

It does not matter rather it is work or life we always have to do a little replanning. We cannot predict what will happen tomorrow. If I knew that I probably would not be writing this I would have my perfect island. That is in my dream though, maybe I will talk about that sometime in the future.

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