Halloween Near An Elementary School, Can It Go Too Far?

Did a Neighbor go Too Far for Halloween?

I want to know what you think. Should there be boundaries for holidays like Halloween that could scare children near a school? This family has the right to express themselves, but should take into consideration who is around them. Although sometimes it just does not hit us in the head that it can offend or bother a neighbor. That is why neighbors should communicate and try to keep everyone happy, meet on a common ground. I hope this doesn’t happen in more counties around our country. If you are near a school or church think before you decorate outside. it is always good to be a little moderate outside and go full force inside. Talk to people around you and find out if anyone is offended by such an extreme decoration as in the video. You do have the right to express yourself, but so do they. So remember that when the person comes pounding on your door or tears down decorations and burns them, they are exercising their freedom of expression.

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