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yoda-will-help-you-focus-in-sales-callsGetting things done take so long from day to day because we get sidetracked. It doesn’t matter if it the news, a favorite song, or the phone ringing we get off course for the day. We need to set a goal everyday and stay focused. As The Mighty Yoda said it, “You must stay focused!”

We need to concentrate on what we do

Do I make it sound hard? Well it really isn’t. You first have to know yourself. I think that is the hard part. If you ever wonder what your weak points are ask your teachers, managers, parents, husband or wife, or friends. They all can come up with Anthony Robbins So few achievemany different type of weak points in your life.

I am going give you an example from my past. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…Yeah just a joke. When I was in high school I always had trouble focusing in class. Today they call it ADD or ADHD. I just didn’t find some classes interesting. When I went to college I was excited and relieved that I would be going to school to learn something interesting that would make my life better. I was able to focus more in class in college than high school. Staying focused on what interest you, even at you job, can help you stay more focused.

I have another for you. When I was going to college I was working two jobs and had three roommates. We all worked different jobs and different shifts. We went to classes on a different schedule. So some of us were up early to go to class and the others to go to work. Now when I was doing homework my roommate(s) were off class and work. They would play their video games and sometimes get pretty load. I learned to block the noise I did not want to hear. This helped me to stay focused on my studying, homework, cleaning, and paying bills. I still use that today. I do not understand it myself, but when a person says something important they get my attention.


keep organizedKeeping your work area organized will help you be more efficient. It allows you to stay more focused on your job and you will not get something confused. Keeping product, tools, hardware, and accessories in order of operation will allow you get it done in a timely manner. Remember this for at home too. If you plan to clean the whole house in one day pick one room then go to the next one and keep going. Have all cleaning supplies prepared ahead of time and place them in the rooms or a center location.

Always need to be able to adjust

Everyday something changes. We need to be able to adjust our life strategies. It maybe for a few minutes or for indefinitely as long as you know. A rule in my life is “Be able to adapt to changes in life, work, and culture.”. If you cannot adjust to changes then you will not be able to go far in our society.

While doing the important tasks in life it is good to be focused. It helps your production, stress, and social life. Once everything becomes like a habit you will be able to let more come into your focused environment.  Always remember to prioritize what is important at the time, do not put the most important task on the back burner just to chat with a friend.

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