Time Heals All Wounds

Does time heal all wounds? I think there are some things this is true, but most things in our life it does not. In everyone’s life there are good and bad times. We need to resolve the bad times in life before we no longer have the chance. Do you have wounds that are still in pain?

Wounds Time May Heal

When we are children we do not understand the way our parents raise us. We may have had conflicts with other children, have social issues, or not have received name brand products from our parents. I do not want to blame the parents for everything, but some may be their fault.

I want to go with the name brand products. All kids in their teen years get pier pressure. They get pushed into what clothes,God is love what shoes, how to do their hair, drugs, and more. parents need to decide where to draw the line. If the parents are not in such a financial hardship that they cannot get the child name brand product then I believe they should. If the child is hanging out with children in a crowd with drugs, alcohol, and violence then the parent has the God given right to set their foot down. The wrong crowd will affect the child’s future. They may end up in jail, selling drugs, or be killed before they become an adult. When it comes to clothes and styling your hair that is almost insignificant. As long as they do not want to dress offense to others then I believe let the child express themselves.

The reason I address this is because my family when I was growing up was in financial struggles. My parents were divorced. My mother remarried and we moved out in the boom docks. When I was in public school at that time I was depressed and confused. I got harassed and wanted out. My mom gave in a sent me to a private school. She was getting child support for me and used it to pay for my tuition. I could not understand why she couldn’t get me new shoes, cool clothes, video games and more. She had a job, my step-dad had a job and business, and she was getting child support for me. When i got latter in my teen years she explained that the child support paid for my tuition, food for school, some clothes, and skiing. I think that was the first life lesson I learned. A couple years down the road I figured that all need to work together to meet a goal. So if I want name brand products I need to get a job and I did. My Junior and Senior years in High School I was working at McDonald’s. I bought better clothes and better shoes. It made my mom happy cause i was becoming responsible. In a way I did it out of love for her and myself. She still took care of my tuition and food for lunch with the child support. I think that was my ground base that all families need to work together to help each other out. After all we all have the same blood.

There Are Wounds Not Even Time Helps

There are many times in everyone’s life that hurt our heart and soul that time will not heal. Even if the wound heals a scare is left to remind us of what happened in the past.

Jesus-Will-Carry-Your-Burdens-photoMy time in the past I will never forget and never stop being sad over is the lost of a friend in Junior High School. She was the perfect girl, a friend, a Christian, sweet, cared for others, a died of cancer as a teenager. She did not do anything wrong that she deserved to die, but God choose to take her from the Earth. I think of her from time to time because I miss her and I wish more people were like her. It took me some time to get to the stage of acceptance. Want to know how?

My church was having a revival. In one of the sermons I learned that God has a purpose for all of us, even the ones who pass at an early age in life. Sometimes God takes the good Christians early because they have reached what He sent them for. I do not know why He took her, but I like to believe she reached what God had sent her for early in life and God took her home. One day I will see her again, I just wish I could have been or could have reached what she did 20 years ago.

The lost of a loved one, betrayal, abuse, and a lot more can cause permanent wounds or scares. They will not go away we just need to deal with it. That is where God, family, and counseling comes into play. You talk to God about your problems in life and he will listen. He may not fix it, but He will help you deal with it. Talking to your family helps because they may have had similar issues in their past. Confiding into family should be the best way to deal with your life wounds second to God. Finally if you do not feel comfortable talking to family or God, then counseling is a good idea. They will listen to you. I am not talking about a “shrink”. A counselor is like in high school. You go talk to them about problems, ideas you may have, or achievements and do some bragging. Whatever you need to get your past dealt with do it. My past is still haunting me, but I am in progress of getting it all dealt with. Are you?

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