Your Heart Truly Matters In Life

Don Henley- The Heart of the Matter

Life Can Hurt the Heart

Our heart does matter! You may think at times that people do not think your heart matter, your feelings, but they do. Do not mislead yourself we all have bad days. We all lose a loved one, do not achieve goals we set, get held back because of unexpected circumstances, whatever has happened in your life I would bet the roof over my head that the person next door has experienced the same in a similar situation. It does not matter that you feel hurt because you lose a friend or do not get the promotion you have been wanting it is natural, totally human. Just do not get mad and unsociable.

Losing Who or What You Love

It is life we will gain and lose people and things. Our life is like the stock market. There are years it climbs very well and the economy, “your life” takes off. Then there are times it goes down even starts to plummet. This is like times in your life things get difficult.

When we have one we love we will do whatever it takes to show them how much we love them. But if they do not love us like that or at worst if something happens to them we cannot control it. No one can predict the future but living with a passion to find your true love, rather it is a person or a thing, is a goal we all should set. Sometimes we lose that true love and we will never forget, but we still have a heart. We just need to aim our passion in a different direction. Always in anything in life or business set goals, make achievements, and aim high. This helps your passion go higher and one day you will find your true love.

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