Rocky: An Inspiring Man

We all have people who are inspiring to us in our lives. They may be out parents,
teachers, a boss, or even an actor. Some people say that getting inspired by an actor/actress’ character is not good for ones future. I disagree. When we are young we do not know the whole story behind the story. Just how real is a fictional movie? Did the main actor/actress have a life experience that the story is based on? I know one thing is true, every story has to build on something. I have written stories in the past and so has my sister. Her’s are fantasy, but reading her books I can sense the story of her life, my life, and what she wants for the future. That is the ray of non-fiction in her story. Who has inspired you? My early inspiration is Rocky!

Inspiration From Rocky

Rocky inspired me early in my life because I got a message from him. I learned we all fall, but if you take a stand for

yourself and friends and family you will win. I was young and thought I would always be victorious by winning fights, video
games, and arguments. I was wrong. Taking a stand for what you or your family believes in is the win. It is our freedom, it builds our character, our leadership, and directs our life. We all need to find who we are suppose to be in life. Rocky has done that and he has become a leader.

History of Rocky

Almost 40 years ago Sylvester Stallone wrote Rocky after three and a half

days. He wrote the script just as he lived and with him as Rocky. His life inspired his creativity. Stallone did not have a easy life, but I am sure it got better after he produced and acted his first movie.

What Has Inspired You

We all have a time in our life that has inspired us to take a new road. Who was your inspiration for whom you are today?

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