Stupidity May Have Conscientious

Stupid people can do some real dumb things. I mean like burning leaves not even ten feet away from a kerosene tank that is right behind the garage has to be pretty close to the top ten “most stupidest” things to do. Why can’t people think before they do, take advice when offered, or be safe rather than sorry. I know I rather have a roof over my head than nothing at all.

Right and Wrong Way to Burn Leaves

My step-father, which I do not consider family any longer, decided to burn leaves this weekend. I had thought about it, but it was breezy and still early. I thought if it calmed down I would burn the leaves. I was out chilling in the cool breeze and he came out and asked me if I wanted to help him burn leaves. I told him it was too breezy out and we shouldn’t burn leaves so near the garage. He just shrugged me off a lit the leaves. I brought stress, concern, worry, fear, and a lot more on me. I was so concerned about my own well being I was going to take my valuables and leave for the day. I figured if he did burn the house down I would at least have my television and laptop. All the stress knocked me out. A few hours later I woke up and he was done. The house is still standing, but that is not the point.

There are ordinances in my area that declare one has to have an open fire 15 to 20 feet away from a building or anything like trees, bushes, or a fuel tank. Most of the towns in the county are under burning bans. He may only burn leaves and trash because he lives in a rural area and the population is lower then what is required to issue the burning ban.

My opinion he was wrong because he did not be safe. He is also wrong because someone, me, pointed out a mistake and he chose to ignore it. He is stupid because he cannot think what could happen, especially when it comes to the house, garage, cars, money, and everything else. Finally he is unorganized when it comes to do tasks. When he replaces a wheel on a car he has to keep going back to garage 10 times or more. He cannot prepare ahead of time.

This scares me. The reason is I cannot do anything for him because he will not let me help. He will not listen to what I have learned to be safe or more efficient. I could have a way to save him a million dollars in taxes and he would not want to hear me. I fear for his life, for his well being, my mother’s mental and emotional well being, financial standings, and more. I have given up. He has been like this for the last 20 years and is getting worst. I can take some advice. Please if anyone sees the blog and has some advice for me make a comment. I need help

With Great Worries,

Ryan A Carson

PS Don’t be one of these idiots

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