Seatbelts on School Buses: Who Will Pay?

I have wondered why there were no seat belts on the school bus since I was a teenager. When I started to learn how to drive and buckling up before even starting the car to be safe I wondered if the school was trying to get rid of a few of us, LOL. I was just a kid then and now after watching the news I can see a ok reason. They said it will cost $10,000 per school bus to install seat belts. I was shocked. Twenty years ago I bet it was cheaper.

I do think it will be better to have students buckled up on the bus. I remember kids getting up, jumping seats, and distracting the bus driver in the old days. It is no different today. The kids need to remain seated as the bus is moving, because if something should happen they can get seriously hurt.

Source: Seatbelts on School Buses: Who Will Pay?


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