Student Assaulted in School

What Would You Do If You Child Was Assaulted In School?

Family Plans to press chargesIt kinda makes me frustrated when I hear about kids being picked on in school. When I heard on Newswatch 16 that a 14 year old girl was assaulted I was angry. She went to Geisigner in Danville, PA and she found out that underneath her eye and nose were broken. Oh a guess what? A guy did this. I guess a guy is allowed to hit a girl now. I was not raised that way. I was raised good by my parents, my sister, and my church. I understand where she is at, because I have been down that road.

In the Past

When I was her age I was not the most popular in school. Today I have many friends and still get picked on but all in fun. I got into my arguments with the jerks in school, I also got into my fights.

One fight I remember is one that I lost. A student a couple years ahead of me was verbal abusing me and I fought back verbally. He eventually rose a fist to me and I told him to hit me, so he did. I went down and out. I had a beautiful black eye like this poor girl. We were both suspended. I was suspended for a few days and he was suspended for a week. I am giving you my past because I can relate to this and I am sure you probably can at some point in your life.

I Think …

I think that they both should be punished. It takes two to fight, but he threw the first punch he should be punished more harsh. They should also apologize to each other preferably him first. He took a step up that makes him more responsible. Also sometimes words can hurt more than the fist. We all should think before we act. Don’t let all the words out of your mouth that can hurt others and come back and bite you in the rump. These are lessons in life I have learned so far.

Student Has Been Charged Of Assault

Today the Williamsport Police filed charges against the student that assaulted the 14 year old girl. According to police they were arguing in the hallway as he assaulted her. She plans to stay home until she heals. I hope she gets better soon.

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