Life Will Get Better…

An optimist  always thinks something good can come from any situation in life. In short they believe, “Life will get better.”. Well the truth is no one knows what will happen in the future. Even a rich person like Donald Trump can hit bottom one day and never expect it.

We All Want to Feel Important Through our Life

Some of us always like to help others, some like to share our opinions, and some like to talk it does not matter how you feel you can help someone what matters is being accepted.

I know since the internet took off I have been surfing the net and finding things I never knew. I enjoy looking things up online and sharing what I learned with my friends and family. It really frustrates me when someone close to me act as if they believe I am not telling the truth. I have always given doubt to friends and family of mine until it is proven wrong. Unlike ten years ago I can pull out my Smartphone and Google their opinion. Then if they are truly wrong I would have evidence and not be calling them a liar.Fore we are all humans and we all make mistakes.

When one is told they are wrong consistently it diminishes their positive attitude. What is the opposite of positive? Negative! You may wonder why a friend or family is so negative all the time. Well they may need some support or just some reassurance. It is like gaining the trust of a dog. When you get a dog from the pound you have already got a plus. but if you take him home, throw him in a cage, hardly feed and water him he will not trust you. If you feed, play, give freedom, and love then you will gain his trust and love. Just think of it this way don’t do things others hate, but do things what they like.

Choose One or the Other

There is always competition in life. It does not matter if it is siblings, promotions, college, or first car we all have them, but some need to end.

A problem with families is that when they find a problem when the siblings are young children the parents do not find a solution. It seems that many parents take sides and the youngest child loses. Parents need to treat their children equally and not favor one over the other. Also you need to let them go as they go into adulthood. The more you mother and smother them, the less they will try to be able to live on their own. They will feel you will always be there for them. Then the day may come when they want to leave the nest and they may not be able to. This will make them depressed, frustrated, confused, and angry. I know it is hard, but if one child is feeling neglected then chances are you messed up somewhere, somehow.

I have been told many times in my life that life would get better. I believed it, but it seems it has not changed as I have grown up. I have changed. I have learned to accept responsibility for my actions and decisions, I have learned about putting responsibilities before fun,  and to always put family first. I use to be selfish, a procrastinator, and was easy to take advantage of. I have learned over the last fifteen years to take a stand and listen as well. We all have the final say in our own lives, but we need to listen to others before making the final decision.

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