Nightmares Come Back To Haunt Me




Nightmares Come Back To Haunt Me

Do you ever have bad days, eat late, or watch scary movies? If you have you probably have not slept well or have had nightmares. I have been having nightmares on and off for the last couple weeks. I mentioned a few months ago about having nightmares. That was the first one since I was a child.

Is There A Cause Of Nightmares For Adults?

dark-woods-nightmareI have been wondering this for weeks. I keep Googling nightmares and I haven’t found much until today. I found out from WebMd that nightmares are not frequent in adults. There is actually only between a 2% and 8% chance that adults have nightmares.

I am learning that late night snacks, antidepressant, non-psychological medications, and narcotics can be associated with nightmares. I have seen a couple areas that might be causing my nightmares, but I thinking the late night snacks is what may be causing it.

I have been going to bed an hour early every night because I have to get up two hours early in the mourning to be to work. The afternoons I have dinner after 4:30pm I tend to have the nightmares, when I have dinner before then I sleep better and more peaceful. I have been refraining from snacking before I go to bed because that may cause the bad dreams as well. My dad told me before that he had bad dreams when he ate heavy foods before he went to bed.

My Solution

I am thinking on how to solve this. I want to have dinner by 4:30 pm. Also I am looking for ways to eat healthier that is not really expensive. If your body is fighting to digest, then your mind can create almost anything in a dream or nightmare. I am also trying to find ways to eliminate stress or deal with it. I have had a lot of stress in the last few years. I think it may be getting to me. WebMd suggest yoga as a way to deal with stress. I have taken a class before in the past. I think I need to start practicing what I have learned in the past. Yoga is good, it gives you peace. If anything everyone should practice meditation. It is so easy. Find a peaceful place you find safe, some meditation music, a yoga mat, and sit on the mat, turn the music on, close your eyes, and clear your mind.

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Sources: WebMd, Nightmares in Adults

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