8 Fascinating Things We Learned About The Mind In 2015

I have been really interested in the brain all my life. There is a reason for it. I was born with epilepsy. One episode I had when I was a child happened for a whole day and I almost died from it. My parents told me they think it changed me, but we will never truly know. In 2012 I had brain surgery that removed a dead part of my left temporal lobe, since that day I have not had a seizure since. 

The brains still fascinate me. They can heal and regrow, but memories when they are lost they cannot be recovered. Your brain is like a computer, a supercomputer. It process at a great speed, can store large amount of data by the minute, but when a foreign virus comes and attacks it can corrupt and lose data.

I was reading this and got to To boost your mood, boost your bacteria.  It kinda interest me because I have had problems over the last couple years. My mood has been depressed. I had a stroke in the Summer of 2013 and since then I have been told I have changed. This article makes me wonder if my body lost something. Click the link and read this or Click Here

8 Fascinating Things We Learned About The Mind In 2015

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