Are Dreams Just Dreams Or Is Your Mind Foreseeing?

When I was a child I had problems remembering dreams and nightmares. I have had neurological issues since I was an infant. My neurologist told me that it may be due to the medicine I have taken or due to the area of my brain where the seizures were located. Whichever it was I have been having more dreams that I have been remembering. I had one last night that made me happy.
I have been at a stalemate in my life in the last three years. I finally saved up for my Jeep Cherokee, my next goal is to get out of where I am now. My dream showed me I was in my new Jeep and I was driving. I felt like I knew where I was goingwithout hard work. I walked into what looked like a house, but it was an apartment.  It had nice open space inside and a nice kitchen. I was happy. It almost felt like I was hom in my dream. I even woke up in the middle of the dream to go to the bathroom and feel back asleep into the same dream. I hope dreams predict the future.

I have had nightmares in the past. I have noticed nights I had bad nightmares were the days I were under a lot of stress, in arguments, or not accepting myself. I am trying to do better this year to reduce stress, never start an argument, and to set goals that are realistic so I can accept my mistakes. I hope you set goals for the New Year.

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