Setting Goals For Your Future

The near and far future are time for which to set goals. We all have new goals almost everyday, even if we realize it or not. One goal I always think about is going shopping for the week. Some of us have a spending limit, cut coupons, want to eat healthy, have friends and family over, or even make a new meal. No matter what you want to do it is a goal you have set and you should feel good when you achieve the goal.

Starting off for a Goal

302-small-actionsWhen your have an idea about what you want to do the first thing you need to do is think. Some people have inspirations that are just dreams and others have inspirations that are achievable. A dream can remain a dream, but it can also come true. If it was not for a dream we would not have airplanes, have launched into space, walked on the moon, or many other scientific breakthroughs in the last century.

When you start setting a goal get a piece of paper, draw a line down the middle, and label one column as good and the other as bad. What you are going to do is evaluate your idea. Is it beneficial or are you ready? Now let’s say you are going buy a car. First thing I think of is money, the second is the benefit of my current vehicle and the one I am thinking about getting, and finally the condition of my vehicle at the time I start. If I just bought a brand new car two years ago then the condition of my car would be almost new, so it would go on the bad side because we are thinking about buying a car.

When you are done with your list which one outweighs the other? If it is only by one or two, is there a big reason like your car is almost brand new or you maybe going onto your third engine. This helps making many decisions and  you do not need to always make the list. It can always be something simple like the restaurant you want to go to. Some things that helps people decide where they go is convenience, cost, family restaurant, sports bar, whatever you need at that time.

Making a Rough Draft

Now that you set your goal and have made a decision, what are you going to benefit with decisionsit? Now you can do a little research and theorizing. You need to figure out if your idea is going to succeed or fail. Let’s say you want to take the most efficient route to town so you can get the best miles per gallon. There are a couple ways you can do that. One way is you can go for a drive and track your MPG. Another way is if you know a friend that travels the same routes you can calculate their MPG. This will not give you your exact MPG or how much you will save, but it will show which route is more efficient.

Showing yourself proof that your idea will work helps reduce doubting yourself and reduces stress. Now that you know which idea works it is time to make a plan.

Make a Plan with Your Proven Idea

You know your idea is going to work. You have dedicated, time, money, stress, and so much more in some cases. You have narrowed out all the flaws and kept all that works. What to do with it? Well why did you start this to begin with? This maybe a stopping point for you. Some people just like proof to know they are right, I am like that at times. If you want to get you idea out there you need to let people know.

Letting people know of your proven idea is like sharing your opinion, except you have proof. People share what they think or believe everyday. When some shares an opinion most of the time they have no fact to base on it. When they have fact to back them up it is no longer an opinion, but becomes a discussion of fact.

Act Your Proven Idea

Alright now you have done all the hard work it is time to have fun. You get to show off the proof to your idea. The idea that comes to mind that had proof and worldwide influence was the First Flight of the Wright Brothers. They had an theory that we could fly. They took the facts from the other testers that tried gliding and failed to help their idea. They believed they would be able to fly with brute force and they were right. What is now known as aerodynamics, draft, and lift was supported by a power engine. They took flight against a 27 mph wind at 35 mph airspeed. They gained 852 feet in 59 seconds. Now today there are plains all over the world and we can even go into space. An idea can become a huge breakthrough.- 1903- The First Flight

Finish What You Started

Now you are at the end. Where did you start? What did you focus on? What was proven it would work? Was was proven it would fail? These are questions that should wrap up your goal. Always learn from what you have succeeded. Remember your idea may just be an idea to you, but it may be a dream to someone else.


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