I Am Concerned, Feel Helpless

My life has not been simple. When I was seven my parents got divorced. When I got older I understood their reason. My mother remarried to a man thirteen years older than her and she got my sister and I. I liked where I was at when I was a child, but growing up and wanting to get out and meet new friends was a limit. My step-father taught me a lot when it comes to outdoors, building, fixing a car, and more. Now today he is approaching his 80’s and my mother is in her 60’s. I am worried about them because my step-father lacks common sense and my mother has short term memory problems. They both, like other elders, have hearing problems but refuse to get hearing aids. My step-father still works and he drives. I am worried one day he will not hear a truck and get hit on the highway. Everyday I feel helpless and always think about what I could do.

Should This Be Common Sense?

common-sense-is-so-rare-these-days-it-should-be-classified-as-a-superpowerI am living with my parents for now.  We live out in a valley where we have the privilege to burn our paper. A few days ago it was windy and he dumped the paper in the garage in a large trash can. This mourning my step-dad and I were going to work. As I walked out to leave he was taking his trash can back into the garage and the trash was burning. After putting away the trash can he left. The flames were twice as high as the burning barrel. It is also near the woods on his property and the shed is not even 20 feet away. This mourning it was calm, but that could have changed. I have told him in the past not to burn the paper before he leaves the house. That increase the chance to catch the house on fire. Also at this time my mother was fast asleep. She is lucky to be alive and I am lucky to come home to a house and a mother. It is better to be safe first than it is to be foolish.

Outburst Due To Moving On

I have had financial issues over the last few years. I took a class on how to budget your income, which I suggest everyone takes, and have set goals to get what I need and what I want. The first goal I achieved was buying a new car. I estimated how much I should be able to save and how long it would take me. I also choose stopping points to go shopping for a car. I did it by the end of 2015 and got a good deal. Now I am going for the next goal and that is moving out.

Since I was re-budgeting and it was a new year I asked my mother to let me know the monthly expenses. She did a whole year’s budget, sweet. I told her I was planing on moving out and getting my own place. She flew off the handle, felt like I was deserting her, and I was never going to talk to her again. She is a little odd because she never gets online (except to pay a bill), she definitely never will be on Facebook, and she has no idea how to text. Nobreathe move onw the reason I am saying this is because I told her that there are plenty was we can stay in contact. Even if I am busy and she wants to chat we can do it by Facebook or texting, but she is resistant. Here is where I am confused. If I had a friend or family member that I could not call on the phone I would find a way to stay in touch, even if it is by mail.

Moving On

We all need to move on in life. A lot of frustrations are around because of the situation or environment you are in. I saw today that my dad left his car door open. He has been home for four hours and I hope his battery is alright. I worry he will forget something, like the car door, after I leave. I cannot change the future but I can continue my life. If you cannot solve the problem then you need to relocate. I do not know exactly what I will do. The main issue is money. I am making sure I can pay for my life on my time.

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