When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Gets Going

I am sure everyone has heard that saying. Do you know what it means though? Do you know what to do when the time is hard and it seems like everything is coming to an end? Well Billy Ocean has the perfect song that has made me always try again when I was a child.

What is the True Meaning of the Song

Songs always have a meaning to it. I think Billy Ocean meant for us not to give up even if a day gets a little difficult. We all have had those days where it seems like nothing goes right. Well the fact is it comes to a state of mind. Yes a day can start off bad. First your car doesn’t start, then you catch a taxi or a bus and get ripped off, and finally you’re late for work and get chewed out by your boss. Now you are thinking, “This is the start of a bad day.”. Well that is your mistake, a negative mindset. Always need to remain positive and that will make the day better.

Billy Ocean says, “The tough get going.”. So are you a tough person or a wuss? If you let hard times in life get you stuck in a hole, then you are a wuss; however a tough person will climb, crawl, jump, or whatever it takes to get out of that hole. Is that you? If not then keep reading because I want to give you some tips, from my personal life, on how to get out of the hole.

What to do When Times are Truly Hard

I have not shared much about my personal life, but I am going to do it now. When I was growing up I was always the “outcast” in school. When I graduated I went to college in the big city. I learned about life, learned about struggles my parents have everyday, and got a taste of freedom. I got along with many people, but there was always an idiot in the crowd.

Looking back and comparing to the present

When I was in Junior High and Senior High I went to a Christian school and we always going gets tough proverbstayed with the same class year to year. Also it was kindergarten through twelfth so the classmates you started with you were pretty much stuck with.

As I was in the city I learned that everyone is different. There are jerks out there we just have to ignore them or find the way to make them the way they see you. If you stand up to them then you gain respect. Some will never respect you and those are ones I call idiots.

What is more important money or friends

Life is so hard. There have been times in my life when money was the most important, but there have been times that if I did not have a true friend I would not be typing this blog right now.

The most important life need

I say a true friend is the most important thing in anyone’s life. Now a true friend is different than a friend. A true friend will be there for you when times get rough, if you have a fight the problem will be resolved by the next day, give and ask advice, share everything that is theirs, and when you promise to return a borrowed dollar and forget your true friend will not hold it against you. A friend can have some of those traits, but if you forget to return a dollar they will lose trust in you. In the end a friendship may end, a true friendship will never end because it is destined by God.

John 15:13  Greater love has no man than this, that a man may lay down his life for his friends.

The most important life desire

angry 60sec of happinessMoney is important as well. We cannot give 100% to family or friends and not go out a get a job to live life. Everyday we have bills to pay so we need a job. Unfortunately it is hard to keep a job if your boss does not like your attitude. Life can be depressing, hard, have struggles, and challenges. Money is a main cause and effect of all these feelings. Think about it for a minute. You have a good job paying your bills, going out to eat once a month, shopping, and even by new clothes. Then all of a sudden your boss says their downsizing. You get your pay cut back it can be salary, hours, benefits, or bonuses. Then you can no longer get new clothes or go out to eat once a month. Pretty soon you get cutback even more now you are crimping to get your bills paid. Finally you boss gives you a ninety day notice that you are being terminated. What would be your thought, feeling, or fear? What if this just happened one day? It has to me and to my mother. My mother was laid off due to a bank merger and her job was no longer needed. I lost my job because  of medical conditions and they did not want to assist me. I made a mistake and got terminated. There are a difference between need and desire. A need is defined as:  something required or wanted; a requisite.  A desire is defined as: the feeling of wanting to have something or wishing that something will happen. It is a little different between something be required and wishing for something. Wishes hardly ever come true. 

The Feeling When The Tough Wins

I cannot truly tell you how it feels when you win. We all feel different at out victories. Also I haven’t got to the point I have a true victory, but I am over the mountain and am inspired to keep moving. I will tell you this… Ever since I was a child I have been overweight. For decades I have thought about going on a diet and losing weight. I was never encouraged to do it until this New Year. I have always wondered about Nutrisystem . I wondered how they did the diet, what I would have to get at the store, and how much it would cost. Well I was surprised. They have drinks, meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks ready for you. I have been on the diet for one month and have lost 30 pounds. I think one of the best things they have is the TurboShake . It is great for a energy boost. They have it listed as a snack I use it for my breakfast in my coffee. It comes in chocolate and vanilla and they are both awesome. I do not have to add any cream or sugar to my coffee. The TurboShake has 22 vitamins and minerals.

I have to make my mind up and decide I am going to do it. Set your mind to what you want to achieve and you will. It may not be the time you plan it, but it will happen. Good luck this year and remember “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”- Billy Ocean

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