Strategy Implementation May Fail or Succeed; Is It Worth It In Everyday Life

Since I was a teenager I have always developed a strategy for the day, week, month, and year. I did not know I was developing a strategy until I went to college. Making plans are good, but things can change. Sometimes strategizing is not as simple as you may believe.

Making Plans and Setting Goals

Business strategyI like to make plans everyday. It makes me feel accomplished when I succeed at a goal. There are times I do not meet my goals, but I always have a back-up. I have learned throughout the years I am an overachiever. I set goals that are impossible to achieve within the time frame I set them for. So I decided to stop setting time frames except for goals that have a realistic goal. I am going give you a couple examples let me know what you think.

Have to clean everything in the house in one day

We all need to clean. Everything tends toward decay and disintegration, entropy. This theory is, in a way, partially proven everyday. We can clean a room in a day and it would be perfect, but by the time the evening is over there will be items not in the correct place, dust building up, and maybe even a little clutter showing up. Although Science proves that we, as living human beings, do not decay until we are deceased.

Now let’s get back on topic. Stop stressing over your house getting messed up all the time and trying to get it clean in a day, it is not possible. Instead pace yourself by the day and by the week. Set projects for you, your spouse, and your children to accomplish. Make sure you give rewards to everyone who helps out. Rewards can be valuable family time, going out to eat, or some free time. Setting unreasonable goals can be over exhausting to everyone and can be depressing. Setting small goals to a large goal will make you feel accomplished, successful, and happy.

Why do I spend so much at the grocery store?

This is a life lesson I have learned from my mother, but it took me a hard time in life to Theory of changetruly understand it. Growing up as a child I always went shopping with my mother. I did it so I could get something for going. When I was going into my teen years I did not understand when she told me she did not have the money for things like video games, nice clothes, and buying a car. When I moved out and went to college life hit me. I shopped for what I needed and wanted. When I looked at my grocery receipt I saw that a lot of the junk food and soda was hurting my money. It made me think of all the “stuff” my mom got me over the years cost a lot. I started looking for more sales and coupons, I bought off brand products, and made sure nothing would be wasted. Today things have changed too. When I was in college 2 liter bottle of soda was $.89, now today they are $1.29 or more. I have learned more ways to manage my money, maybe I will discuss that in a later blog.

A little advice look for deals. If you are going to a grocery store like Weis looking for a roast do not pick up the first you see. They can only have their meat for so long. If it does not sell it goes to waste. They knock back prices and will have a sticker on it. Also check out the price per pound. When you get hamburg 80/20 it will cost more per pound than 70/30. Another deal that I have seen before is chicken or turkey quarters on sale, but not drumsticks or thighs. Get the quarters and then cut them yourself. If you cannot ask the butcher in the meat department and make sure he gives you the label for quarters.

So What If You Fail Or Succeed!?

without hard workWhat is you motivation to succeed? That is what determines success or failure. If you set a goal because a friend or spouse thinks it is a good idea and you think it is alright, you may fail. Your motivation is down. Now if a friend says, “Eat a goldfish alive and I will give you one million dollars,” then you will be motivated and will probably succeed. It is like going to work everyday doing the samething. You eventually get into a rut and stay there. Whereas if your employer offers bonuses, great raises, bonus vacation days, comission, or more then that gives you an incentive to do better everyday. Failure and success depends on what God gave us, free will or choice. We all have a main motivation in life. If your goal is backed by your life motivation you will succeed even if you fail. If it is not you will always fail. Doing things that have a purpose has more value than doing things with no purpose.

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