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Set Early Goals Makes It Easier In Life

We all do it, some more than others. The question is, when? Setting goals for the future can start at a very early stage in life. As a child we are either leaders or followers. We decide.

Being a Leader takes on responsibility, sets examples for others, and can make you feel successful. Being a follower is not a bad thing. Most people are followers, because it takes talent and skill to be a leader. A good follower will always follow the direction of their leader.

I have seen a lot of followers do what they are told and never step outside the box. Although a follower that can help a leader by helping other followers, setting examples, and having good discussions with their leader can improve the group.

Good Discussions

You may wonder what I mean by “good discussions”. I mean when a follower has an idea or sees a way to make an improvement they should approach their leader. They can offer an idea and let the leader know why their idea is a good idea or an improvement. Also, what are you improving? If it cost more is it worth it or will it potentially bring in more potential income? There are a lot of questions a leader will have, so a follower better be able to answer it. Do not be ready to get approved. As a matter of fact be ready to get thrown into a bottomless pit. Listen to your leader and what they say cause they will say something that they do not think will work. Go back to your idea and either prove it will work or make it work and prove it. It is like high school when doing a science project. You have to do many experiments until you prove what works correctly.

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Source: Setting Goals for the Future | Carson Solutions, LLC | LinkedIn

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