Prince Is Dead At Age 57

The Lost of the Greatest Pop, Rock, R&B, and more Music Legend


Today I was surprised with some heart breaking news, Prince is Dead. I was at break and did like I did everyday and got on Facebook. The news was all over and it had only been out for about an hour. I could not find anywhere where what could have happened and still do not know.

Chris Cornell covers Prince’s Nothing Compares 2 U


I was listening to Sirius XM  80’s on 8 last night and heard of his condition last week. They made an emergency landing, not even an hour short of his destination,  because he was feeling ill. He was in the hospital for a few hours and was released. He was feeling better a few days later. Then today I found out the bad news on Facebook. I was listening to Sirius on the way home and they were dedicating the day to Prince. They were shocked by the lost of a great artist, as am I. He touches my soul with his music, his voice, his dance, his soul. I will miss him. I hope to see him in Heaven. Thanks for all you have done Prince, God Bless Eternity.

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