I’m So Tired, What Your Brain Might be Trying to Tell You

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Why am I so tired? If you’re always feeling tired, here are some possible reasons why and what you can do about it.

I don’t know about you, but myself I get tired when I have to sit in one place and do nothing for 10 minutes or longer. My problem is I get bored. My brain needs to remain interested in what I am doing or it will get lost or I will nod off.

Your brain tells you a lot. When you get bored your brain is not active, it needs something to do. Thinking about what you are going to do for dinner, paying bills, plans for the weekend, and more activates your brain. Also instead of sitting in the chair all the time get up a do a little walking back and forth within a few steps. This will keep you at your workplace and and keep your body and mind active.

There are many ways you can keep your mind and body active while you are at a waiting point at work. The more active you can be the better. Also stay around positive speaking people and away from negative speaking people. Negativism causes depression, depression causes you to be tired. This has to deal with the mind, body, and soul. If you are depressed and think a lot about why you are depressed that hurts your mind, when you sit around and are no longer active that hurts your body, and when you doubt there is any hope for anything getting better that hurts your soul. The day you lose a job, a friend moves out of town, or you favorite car blows an engine you may be a little depressed, but a positive person will support you and reassure you that things will get better, which they will.

In conclusion we all need to make everyday more active for more than just to stay awake at work. Keeping positive thoughts on your mind everyday will make you happier and more successful. Always try to be realistic about life goals, but it is always great to set a dream as a goal  because in some lives dream do come true.

Source: I’m So Tired. What Your Brain Might be Trying to Tell You.

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