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LACKAWANNA COUNTY — Could a system that detects wrong-way drivers now being used in Rhode Island be put into use in our area? Newswatch 16 traveled to Rhode Island to find out.

I was watching the news this afternoon and they showed how Rhode Island solved the problem of wrong way drivers. Rhode Island setup up a new system going up an off ramp to the highway. It now has a motion detector and can sense the vehicle approaching it. When a vehicle is going the wrong way a whole bunch of lights go off and the State and local police get notified for an emergency response. There has been no vehicle accidents since this has gone live in Rhode Island. I think this was a genius idea!

Now it is up to us! Every state has problems with vehicles going the wrong way. We need to spread the word. The Federal Government funds the states when it comes to improving the highway. I am from Pennsylvania and  for decades there have been repairing the highway. I say get the safe signs up to save a life. What do you think? Should a life in your State be saved? Maybe even your own? Please share, comment, and like to make this go viral. Also go to the link below and share it as well. Let’s keep driving safe.


Source: Stopping Wrong-Way Drivers |

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