New Affordable Housing for Seniors in Williamsport —

WILLIAMSPORT — We first told you last year about plans for a $6.4 million affordable senior living facility in Williamsport. The apartment complex was built in response to the rise in housing costs because of the natural gas industry. John and Connie Shaible have made the move out of their family home in Williamsport and…

I am happy that the senior citizens are getting more affordable housing, but it brings a question to my mind… What about everyone else that needs a home? It cost so much more to buy a house or rent then it did 15 years ago. Just like WNEP said on the news today about the natural gas industry, it caused an increase in property.

I have met many people, including myself, that are looking for a nice place to live. When you think you find a place that is affordable something counteracts it. Let me give you an example that I have experienced long time ago.

It was about ten years ago and I wanted to get away from where I felt stuck. I did not have a great job, but could afford a cheap apartment. I found a one bedroom apartment near my employer. I liked the living room because it was large and had a shelf built into the wall. I signed the lease for six months, it did not take long to see a huge bill.

It was in the fall I moved in and it was getting cold out. The heater was electric and I knew my bill would be high. I was figuring around $100 a month, seeing as only one person in the apartment. Well I was wrong! If I remember correct it was around $200 the first month. I called my landlord and complained. They couldn’t do anything. I started using a couple space heaters and set my heat back to 65. My bill dropped to a little over $100. I was glad it was only 6 months because I was leaving.

Unfortunately, plans change and sometimes not the way you want them to change. Going into my fifth month there was a dispute between a customer and myself. I do not want to get into details, but I got terminated for disrespecting a customer. The customer started the dispute and ended it. It was my mistake though. I have learned prior to that day and more after that day that patience, respect, pride, and kindness are good for a person dealing with customers, co-workers, and people they see everyday. I made a deal with my landlord that she could keep my security deposit for last month rent and I had already paid for the fifth month. I went back to where I came. I took me years to learn to think before you act. I learned as a child if it looks hot, feels hot, it probably is hot. Don’t Touch! As a young adult I learned no one is simple. One needs to build themselves in life to be a better person to be proud of themselves, but to place yourself on the high pedestal is a sin. Thinking you are better than everyone is selfish, knowing you are accomplished is successful.

Now I am currently looking for a good place to live. I am following up on everything I can think of. I do wish there was housing for the average person. It should not matter if you work, unemployed, welfare, or retired Pennsylvania should help all of us out.

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