Donald Trump: Make America Great Again

Do you think Hillary Clinton is good for President? Well listen to Donald Trump. He may be a jerk, but his mind makes him a great President. He has the passion for always doing great. He wants to make America a better place for you, for me, and for himself. Yes, I said himself. It is in his best interest to put more money in our pockets than to take more taxes. He will do better in business after he leaves office because the more money one has in their pocket the more they will spend. It is up to you what you spend your money on. Who would not like a brand new car, upgrade their computer, buy clothes for their kids, or not to have to worry if you are going to have enough money to pay the next month rent or mortgage. Trump can fix all these issues we have because he is a business man. Put aside the fact that he is an egotistical, sexist, jerk and think would he be better to make our country move forward than Hillary Clinton. If you answer yes vote for Trump. I hope you vote for who you believe is the right President, but I also hope your conscience does not bother you over the next 4 years. We will see.

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