Reasons Why I Do Not Enjoy Celebrating Christmas

I use to love Christmas, but I turned against it about five years ago. I do not celebrate Christmas no more, do not watch the movies, or listen to the music. The main reason is because it is a religious holiday and in this Millennium that is not known to the generation.

Christmas is no Longer Celebrating Christ’s Birth

I was born into a Christian family, went to church as a child, and graduated from a Christian school. I firmly believe in birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ our Savior.

First of all December 25th is not Jesus’ birthday. There is no certainty of when Jesus was born. My pastor has said the Jesus was born in January, but I have also heard that He was born in the Spring. This can be debated for an eternity. The fact is back in the day of King Herod is when Jesus was born. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, King Herod ruled Judaea 37-4 BC and Jesus was born about 6-4 BC. The season is still a question.

During Jesus’s time on the Earth December 17th-25th was a pagan holiday known as Saturnalia. The Christians took advantage of this holiday to celebrate Christianity and to convert pagans. They were successful and many were converted back when Jesus was remembered during Christmas. Today we no longer remember Jesus. The music, the movies, the traditions, and more have fallen into paganism again.

Christmas is not what it is meant to be no more. We need to get away from Santa Clause and remember Jesus Christ and our family.

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