Battles Uphill And Downhill In A Day, But Leveling Out At The End

Challenge In Our Life

We all have new challenges everyday, week, or month. Life can get hard and frustrating, but we need to take the challenge and stay open minded or we will lose before it even begins. I started today a little rough, had an ongoing challenge, and finished the day in a good mood. I want you to finished your day happy. Here is my day and how I overcame obstacles.

Failure to Get Connected

landscape sunriseI have had problems for three days with my WIFI. I had it for about three years and keep it busy. The first day I was not sure it was the WIFI so I did some troubleshooting and eliminated everything besides WIFI. I made my mind up the next day, which was a Sunday, I was getting a new router.

I live in the middle of no where and my phone carrier provides my DSL. They do…

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