Pulling Back Obama’s Car Fuel Standards Hurts America’s Auto Industry

History has shown that fewer regulations are not always a win for America’s auto industry.

President Trump is on a rough road fixing Obamacare, Affordable  Care Act. He better not mess up the only good thing President Obama has done for our country and the World.

President Barrack Obama administration set the national greenhouse gas standards. This would double the efficiency of the fuel to our vehicles. Instead of getting 18 MPG you will get 36 MPG or more. Why does President Trump want to stop this. This should make us use less gas, that means less oil will be used to make gas. When stock goes up and demand goes down then price will drop, Economics 101. I hope Trump does not stop this. If anything I hope he places more focus on it to help our economy and environment. I support Trump 100% but if he disrupts this I will be very doubtful of him as President.

Source: Pulling Back Obama’s Car Fuel Standards Hurts America’s Auto Industry

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