Ringo Starr, drummer of Beatles was hospitalized due to heart problems

Ringo Starr  hospitalized due to heart problems. The 80-year old drummer of the legendary group Beatles was sent immediately to hospital after feeling a pain on his chest. His plans for the direct one were announced by the Beatles Ringo Starr in an interview with Rolling Stone and, not far, he […]

This is hard to believe. Ringo Starr in the hospital due to heart problems. So many celebrities have passed away recently it is sad that Ringo is knocking on the door. I wasn’t around during the day of the Beatles, but I have heard their music on the radio, movies, and records. They made a path to rock ‘n roll. I like Ringo the best. My mom has taught me some of the Beatles and when I really enjoy them then Ringo is the main star. Let us say a prayer that he fights this and gets healthy. We need more like him.

Source: Ringo Starr, drummer of Beatles was hospitalized due to heart problems

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