Christmas Is About Our Saviour, Jesus Christ

Have you ever liked something one day and then the next day you did not like it anymore. Well this has happened to me with Christmas. The reason being Christmas has lost what it is truly meant to be.

Today all we hear about is sales, deals, and Santa Clause. We do not hear about the child that was born in a manger over 2000 years ago. He came to this earth born of a virgin to give us Salvation by dying on a cross and resurrecting the third day so we could live eternal life in Paradise. Why can’t we celebrate His birthday? Now I know there is no proof that Jesus was born on Christmas Day. In fact it is more likely that He was born in the late Spring or early Summer, although that does not mean He was not conceived on Christmas Day. This would never be proven because nothing in the Bible nor science can prove nor disprove it.

I am saying this because about seven years ago I got tired of Christmas and stopped celebrating Christmas because my employer played Christmas music for 12 hours. It started on Black Friday and didn’t end till after the New Year. The station they were on played the same five songs in multiple versions over and over again. They had nothing to do with Christ. They were Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and more. I got so frustrated it interfered with my performance. I even turned off the loud speaker for some silence. I figured if they needed me they could find me.  I worked there for four years. I had something like a stroke and got fired for forgetting a procedure due to short term memory issues.  Now at my current job they started playing the Christmas music less than a week before Christmas. They have more Holy songs like the one I am posting below. Some of the songs I hear at work now still annoy me, especially when I hear them five times in eight hours, although it is a lot better than it was at my last job.

I believe Christmas needs to be remembered for Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. My favorite song of all time is O Holy Night. I prefer it when it is sung in bass, but Celine Dion does an awesome job at this song. This is the true story of Christmas. Please listen and share. May God bless you and make your New Year a great one.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone

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