Illegal Cannabis Oil Linked To National Outbreak of Lung Damage | The Marijuana Times

I find it ironic how they always advertise how to quit smoking but when a effective way comes they do everything to stop it. I know all this about Vaping killing people we have heard is just lies, a hoax. The truth is what do people add to the Vape ounce they get it? The truth is we cannot really know unless they tell us or the Vape is analized. I just don’t like being told a half truth and believing it and then finding out months or even years later it was a lie. That means I am wrong and I don’t like it when I am wrong.

Vaping has saved my life. I had been smoking for 15 years and haven’t smoked for 6 months. I feel so much better and feel more alive. Vaping doesn’t hurt you like cigarettes. It is not something “good” for you. If you have never smoked before or under 18 don’t Vape. If you haven’t smoked before and want to Vape you can get Vape without nicotine unlike cigarettes. My main point in all this is cigarettes are the enemy not marijuana or Vaping. The government, especially Democrates, need to keep their noses out of our personal life. Do some research before making a decision on anything.

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