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There are times in our lives that life is simple. Sometimes I wish there would be more of these times. We all need simple times, whether it is with family, friends, or by ourselves.  We need more times simple.

We Need To Cherish Simple Times

Now that we are in the Internet Era we need to cherish the simple times in our lives. I sometimes like going “no tech”. If you are wondering what I mean I will explain, but I bet that many understand what I am saying. When I say “no tech” I mean no TV, no computer, no washer or dryer, no smartphone, nothing that technology has evolved. Families need to make it more simple to spend time together. 

Five Thing Done Together As A Family

I remember back before 200+ channels on TV the family watched television together as a family time. Now that has changed, arguments over what is on television or what is recorded goes on all the time. I want to give you five things everyone can do as a family.

1. Get together playing cards, board games, or outdoor sports

I remember when I was a child when my dad would play pool with me. Some of my friends had fathers that played catch, baseball, or kicked the soccer ball around. These are great things to do now, even though this was 20 years ago. 

2. Have A Family Night

This may seem a little repetitious, but in this I am going to allow television. There is a little advice and I will get to it. Family night should be the night that the family gets together, probably a Friday or Saturday, and places aside all technology to get closer. They should agree a few days ahead what they are going to do. The family can go out to eat, go to the movies or rent a movie, camp outside and roast marshmallows, or more. The only rule is everyone needs to agree. You can also place ideas in a hat and the person’s idea whom is drawn pays for the night. 

3. Solving Problems

In every relationship there are problems. We may think getting together with the special one in our life is complicated, but family you are together with, in blood, for life always have problems. 

The main way to solve problems in any relationship is do not argue. If you do not agree on what you are going to do for family night then put it aside and talk about it later. This gives you time to think and the other person time to think. When we have time to think our logic will kick in and we will realize if it was a good idea or not. 

This is also a suggestion when signing a contract. If you are pressured into signing don’t do it. If they do not pressure you then take a day to consider the contract. A contract can be rewritten before it is signed. Once it is signed it is a legal document and another contract would need to be passed to suppress the current. Just a little advice, from experience.

4. Why Not Just Talk   

I have heard so many people say, “Family never talks anymore.”. Well I do not wonder why with smartphones, social networking, texting, and more. There is a lot of people that don’t talk they text. Don’t get me wrong I get it. I so much rather text, Facebook Message, or Tweet than talk on the phone. We just need to get together and talk about the day with family every now and then.

5. Positive Communication

We always hear, “Don’t do that.” or “Clean up your room”. As we grow up as a family we change. Children turn into teens, then into young adults, and eventually grow up.  Parents yelling at their children at a young age or a young adult can affect their life down the road. I will explain some to you.

I as a child and still as an adult am very unorganized when it comes to the definition in the dictionary. When it comes to my term of organization it works. I always got yelled at by my mother and my older sister to clean up my room. I have been lectured by supervisors at previous jobs about keeping my area organized. It really bothers me because it works for me, but doesn’t look good to someone else. This brings down my positive thinking, especially in business, and effects my performance.

If a manager, supervisor, advisor, or parent sees that you do not stay organized, dress nice, speak proper, or anything else they should correct you positive. I am not aiming this at superiors. I am also aiming this at everyday life. We shouldn’t tear down a friend because the will not go to dinner with us. We should speak positive.

I will give you a few suggestions.

Instead of, “Why do you put off your homework?”

Better, “I would like to help you prioritize your time after school. This will give you more time for yourself.”

Instead of, “Too much of a dork to see a great action movie.”

Better, “We understand you have other plans today. Maybe you can go with us next time.”

Instead of, “You can never do anything right.”

Better, “Thank-you for what you have done for me today. I saw you had a few problems mowing the grass for the first time. I will help you out and show you a few tricks next time. Good job.”

If you have noticed I changed the negative to positive. When others turn us down we may not know why. We should not criticize someone for learning new tasks. Also two words not to use “never” and “always”. The reason is they are absolutes. If you say someone never does their job right, the more than likely you are wrong. Being a critic is not wrong, being a negative critic is wrong.

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