No, Joe Biden Didn’t Just ban Fracking

There are people who liked Trump and those who did not. That is fine everyone is entitled to their opinion. Although what do you think about a president that makes oil prices spike on the stock market and it is because of his stupidity!?

Lack of Common Sense or Just Stupidity

I am not and am sure you are not great at economics, how the stock market works, but we do have common sense. If it has high demand and low in production prices go up. It does that to stabilize demand. It helps the production catch up with demand and then when production catches up and demand is high profits go through the roof, maybe not that good.

The economic system is being manipulated by Biden and in my opinion that is unethical. He has done more that I have heard and seen that I believe is either pushing ethics or crossing moral lines. Of course democrats do not know what morals are because they cannot believe an Omnipotent being created the universe but can believe everything happened by accident over billions of years. I think the latter is more unbelievable.

What is your Opinion of Biden?

I have told you what I think about this senile old crazy man. What do you think. Tell me what you think he did good or bad. Just comment below and follow my blog as well

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