Biden aides’, Harris’ gun control calls have included seizing ‘assault weapons’ | Fox News

I was just looking around on Facebook and found this and had to share this one my blog. Biden wants to just walk in and take away our automatic guns. He will probably do it without Congress approval. This is treason! A Dictatorship not a Democracy. He is stirring up another Civil War.

Biden is “Stealing” our Guns!

You might wonder why I put stealing in quotes. Well that’s exactly what he’s going to do if he issues an executive order and comes and takes our guns rather we want to or not. There have been many times they ask for our guns willingly without question. This is not that.

I was just thinking, yeah I think. 😉 If a cop or whomever walks to your door and takes your guns because you have it registered then he’s violating the rights of the good guy. Then knocks on your neighbor’s door and ask if he has any firearms. The guy says no of course. The cop keeps going. Now who’s to say that neighbor isn’t a serial killer with an unregistered gun illegally. Take from the good helps the bad.

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Deny, Deny, Deny!

This is another article I ran into surfing the web. Harris claims making everyone get rid of their automatic guns isn’t unconstitutional. That’s like saying if you push a guy but didn’t mean for him to fall of the roof onto a pitchfork and then a tree fall on him doesn’t matter it’s still murder. To me if she can’t conceive the consequences then she lacks ethics and even lower, if any, morals.

This is why I don’t like Democrates there are a few things I agree with but the blow it way out. Like welfare but giving it to illegal immigrants.

They are going to make us fall and our country become no longer. If you have respect for your country, your solders, former solders, those whom have died for our freedom, cops, firefighters, emergency responders, and so many more that put their lives at risk everyday to protect and serve. You cannot let the Democrates take away our rights. Let your congressmen and women know.


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