The One Who Saved My Life, My Mom

Cheryl Outzs left, Donna Palski, right my mom. They are best friends since childhood. My mom passed away September 11, 2020, nine days after her 71st birthday. She is my hero and will always be missed.

My Life Was Complicated, I can’t really say how many problems I had in my life, I have probably forgot about half of them. I can tell you who has always been there for me, my mom, my hero. I have lost people I love, been harassed since I was a kid, and beat up and humiliated by my step dad. The only one I had to go to was my mom. Now she is gone, my soul mourns.
I am an epileptic been like that since I was 10 months old. When I was little like 5 years old I had an seizure incident where I had multiple episodes all day long. The doctors thought I was going to die. I came out of a seizure and went back into it. Took around seventeen hours until I came out and was fine. They said it was a miracle. I believe God kept me on this planet for a reason. I know my mom was there every minute and praying for me. I don’t think I would have survived without her.

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