God consoles the Lost of one by Bringing another to be with You.

I am kinda the loner. I have never really trusted people because people just can’t be trusted. I have epilepsy and because of that the medicine and the disability has made me different which has made me the reject. It was about twenty years ago I was so depressed that I thought of taking my life but God intervened and sent me a good friend. Her name was Midnight. She passed away a couple years ago and she was a cat.

Loyalty means friends

Way back when I got fired from a job and was really upset. I felt I would go nowhere and all my parents and sister said was go get another job. Back then it wasn’t easy getting a job. It took me two years to get a job.

While I was really depressed I would go outside to get away from everything. I saw this black cat. She was looking for food and supposedly belonged to our neighbors. They had cats outside all the time but this one was different.

I got the dog food of the dog that passed away and was feeding it to her. She started coming over everytime I was outside. Pretty soon I could whistle and she would come. Started getting her dry food and canned food and she was part of the family and my best friend. She was born outside so I let her stay outside. I had found what makes me happy. A friend.

Going back to work

Not too long after I met her I got a full time job with target of management. I really enjoyed the job especially when I got my promotion. Although even when you get what you want someone can take it from you. That’s why having a friend like a cat is priceless.

That job if you didn’t smoke you never got a 10 minute break. So I went a got cigarette and started smoking. Not a good reason to start smoking but got my break. So since I was smoking I went outside more and was with Midnight. It was nice after work even at one o’clock in the morning Midnight was there. I could always sit with her and she listened to me talk about my day without ridiculing me back. This is why I can’t conceive evolution. I would say a cat is more evolved than man to some point. At cat has more compassion and sometimes more intelligence than the typical human being

I worked a night shift job and when I switched from my day off to going back on night it was nice going out at four in the morning and she would just come to me. It was like a friend being there without me “picking up the phone”.

When I loss my last job it got really hard on me. It seemed like all the darkness was coming on me but God sent me another angel.

When you are down and out Jesus will bring you out

It was for about a year and a half it seemed darkness came upon me. The first thing that happened was I got fired from my job and lost my apartment. It wasn’t just getting fired it was the way I was treated.

It was about a year before that I had a seizure and started having short term memory problems. Well I ended up not signing a router, a piece of paper when you finish your job. Human Resources showed me the router and I was puzzled one reason because I didn’t remember doing that order lately. Well when I tried to talk HR told me to shut up and I blew it and got fired. That was the start.

I moved back in with my mom and stepdad plus Midnight. A few months later Midnight wasn’t doing so well so I brought her inside. About a week later she passed away in my arms and I felt like I lost a piece of myself. Then not too long after that my mom got pancreatic cancer. She passed on a few months after Midnight. I didn’t cry at the funeral because I was more angry about the whole thing. I was so depressed and angry if Reese didn’t come about a week before Midnight passed away I don’t think I would be here writing this. Finally my friend passed away with pneumonia. He was a good friend and sold steak too. There was a lot more people lost but not close people just people like actors or others that I really liked seemed passing early from something like cancer. I just always remember from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory “Life if like a box of chocolate you never know what you are going to get”. Life isn’t simple but having a good friend is what we need to fall back on. I tell you what a cat is a really good friend.


I say friendship comes and goes. We make many acquaintances in life that seem like friends but not really. People thinks a friend should be their race, gender and species. I tell you what that’s a big NO! I use to diss cats not anymore. If I see anyone hurt a cat they better watch out. I believe God sends an angel through cats for compassion to help save our souls. I believe if Midnight didn’t come about 20 years ago I really don’t think I would be alive. He the brought Reese to help me keep my soul and my life. God is Great!

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