Only the True Friends are the ones that Really Matter

I have always had problems in my life and felt alone. Growing up I was close to my mom even had good friends in high school but just not the click of a true friend. I felt alone for a long time. Then one day God brought me my true friend.

A man and his cat

I had just been fired for the first time. At the time hiring rate was really low so a good thing I was with my parents at the time after coming back from college. I would go outside to do things like burning the paper and saw this black cat that was supposedly the neighbor’s. I started waving and calling her over. She eventually came. I gave her some of the dog food of the one who just passed away. Within a few months she started coming everytime I went outside. It wasn’t for the food either she wanted to be with me.

She just looking at me asking for her picture.

After she started coming over I told my mom about her. My mom said, “I thought you hated cats?”. You see not to long ago she had this cat that always attacked me and hissed at me whenever I walked in the room. I did think I would never want a cat but boy was I wrong.

We went and got her some dry food. My mom asked me what her name was. Told her, “I called her Midnight.” She was a beautiful black cat. They say black cats are bad luck that’s wrong. If she wasn’t there for me for about 15 years I probably wouldn’t be sharing this.

My best friend, soulmate Midnight.

A gift, my soul mate from God

My life has never been simple. Always have had problems growing up. First of all I have had epilepsy since I was 10 months old. Was picked on in school. Always have had problems with jobs except one. It had a manager that I trusted before I was hired and told about my disability. I went for manager and he got me there. I learned when I was in junior high to have faith in God He will set your path you just got to choose the right direction. There were a lot more problems just don’t want to get into all of them. I do want to get into the rough years though

Midnight laying at her spot. Always say there petting her

The dark times

It has been close to 15 years since Midnight became my best friend. All the time I need her she was there. I even started smoking when I worked at Long John’s Silver so I could get a 10 minute break. So had to go outside more. Sometimes I would call her by shaking her dish other times just go out for a smoke and she would come to me. She just about always came when I was so sad that the thought of being important to someone didn’t exist until she came. It was the best time to have a good friend until it’s over.

It always seems things happen for a reason rather they are good or bad. In 2018 I was fired from my job because I didn’t sign a piece of paper after the job was done. They accused me for doing it on purpose and my anger blew. I was going to try and explain my epilepsy and the meds but got told to shut up before I got one letter out of my mouth. That set me off and loss my job.

I didn’t have any income and my savings went down quick so I had to move back in with my parents. A few months later I meet this other cat, Reese. I gave her some of Midnight’s food and went back inside. Told my mom about her and she’s like, “Why didn’t you bring her inside?”. At that moment ran to the door to find her and she was sitting on the step. She followed me in and kept doing it.

The loss of a good friend

A couple weeks before Reese showed up Midnight was under the back porch and wouldn’t come out. I had to convince my step dad permission to cut a hole in the back porch floor to get to her. I mentioned about her dying down there and stinking not to mention all the bugs. He was still resisting me so I was going out to get the saw and do it without permission. Told him you want to kick me out afterwards at least I will have Midnight to die with. That got him helping me. We got her out and a couple weeks later she died in my arms. I buried her under a tree she like to lay under. I still have dreams of her.

God provides a new friend

Like I said before Reese came a couple weeks before Midnight passed away. I kept her back in my room. She got her space in my closet and likes the window. I put a box there so she could get up when it was raining or too cold outside. After Midnight passed away I opened my door and she likes roaming the house. She has a thing about getting on the table too. Tell you what God always provides.

Seems you lose everyone at the same time

A few months after Midnight passed away my mom came down with pancreatic cancer. I took care of her as well as I could but she we knew she was going to pass on to God. Also around that time I lost a good friend that really helped me out. At my mom’s funeral I couldn’t even shed a tear because of all that I had loss. It seems between 2018 and 2020 it was a very hard time and I was being tested. My step dad loss his job not too long after that and I went for my SSI.

Some people just seem to act like a child

My step dad being unemployed and having dementia needed some help. His son, my step brother, got him a caregiver to come over a few days a week. She was good taking care of him but very self centered when it came talking to me. I could ask her where they were going and when they be back. She would snap at me that she doesn’t work for me and none of my business. Well sorry to say it is my business he’s my step dad more like my father. She kept doing things like this always snapping back saying not my business. One time she just stopped by and picked up my dad and disappeared. I had no idea they were going anywhere that day or she was even coming. At the time I had broken my ankle from slipping on ice outside the door. So I couldn’t run downstairs or outside because of all the mud. I had the phone in my hand ready to call 911 and just thought about checking the calendar. She was on the calendar about a half hour before I got up. If I didn’t check the calendar I probably would have gotten charged filing a false report. These are reason I don’t like her.

A couple weeks ago I had been having problem sleeping in bed because of my brace. Can’t lay down flat because my foot sticks straight up. So I was sleeping in my chair and was having problem getting to sleep until around 4am. Well they knew that. One morning I hear this pounding, yelling, sliding heavy objects in the room next to mine. Could get back to sleep after 3 hours of sleep so just got up to get my coffee. Saw them in the room moving stuff. I was grouchy and tired then said, “Can’t you keep it down I am trying to sleep.” Her eyes turned evil and she just started yelling and whining about me “picking” on her. I was almost laughing my butt off. She ended up calling her boss that I was somehow a threat to her. Now I am banned by the state troopers from going there. Just more bad things happening. I couldn’t bring my cat either.

People need to have a middle ground with those around them. There needs to be some kind of communication even if it’s as simple as a letter or even a text messages. The reason it’s not only it’s considerate it could cause a extreme event like the cops that could of been avoided. Also those cops that come over maybe they could have been somewhere else to save a life, but because of your childish ego you can’t just leave a note. What has society come to.


In conclusion all the hard times I have had has made me a better person. Also I have always been where I was needed following a bad time in life. So things do happen for a reason we just don’t know it at the time.

Now I am living with a friend and my cat is with my sister. I am helping with some cleaning and keeping an eye on the kids when they need to step out. I also get food stamps so I can help with groceries as well. Always be kind to others even if they don’t return it. That makes you with a pure heart and them the bad guys per say. Just remember what goes around comes around. That’s for the good and the bad.

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