The Weather Channel is threatening to rain all over DirecTV if it can’t come to terms on a new distribution agreement with the satellite broadcaster.

The weather channelWeatherChannel launches campaign against DirecTV

DirecTV is going to no longer carry The Weather Channel. Are they Stupid? The reasoning is, that I got from the link, that they are not making enough money off of broadcasting the weather. They make more money off of sports. Do not get me wrong I love my sports NASCAR, football, baseball, and basketball are my favorites. I just watch a NASCAR race longer than the local on the eights. I think that is logic. How many people really on TWC. Not just local forecast but nationwide forecast. If I was going to fly to Florida next week, during Hurricane season, and I was watching TWC and they forecasted a hurricane developing and making landfall within the next six to seven days in Florida. I think I would change my plans. Maybe I would put it off for a few days hoping the hurricane would move through or a week and hoping another hurricane would not make landfall. I think The Weather Channel is a plus to DirecTV and Dish Network. Any satellite  or cable provider would be a fool to drop The Weather Channel.